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Shalev Lifshitz - June Newsletter


Shalev Lifshitz - Newsletter

July 5 · Issue #1 · View online

AI Researcher & Entrepreneur

Hi there! My name is Shalev Lifshitz and I am a 15 year old Canadian, excited about recent innovations and how I can be a part of the future! With an interest in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision, I am currently taking multiple undergraduate courses and reading an amazing textbook on Deep Learning! I hope you enjoy my Newsletter!

Summer Intern at SickKids
I recently started my summer internship at the SickKids Goldenberg Lab. I am creating an AI and Computer Vision system which analyzes cell microscopy images and helps detect Ciliopathy in patients. Utilizing this system will also allow researchers to determine which genes cause this genetic disorder. I am so excited to work with all the amazing people on the Goldenberg team and will update you on my progress next Newsletter!
Moonshot Hackathon
For the past few weeks, I have been working hard on the a Moonshot Hackathon. A competition where students are challenged to create moonshot companies that will shape the future of technology. After loads of research into complex topics, my team and I started Acuity, which aims to further develop our understanding of neural behavior and EEG data using AI and Deep Learning models. I will be pitching our idea at the competition this weekend!
Done Exams + School!
In June I also finished my school exams and subsequently, my school year! Huge thanks to all of my teachers and staff who taught and helped me throughout the year! 
Let's Connect
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My Favorite Quote This Month
“Every champion was once a contender that refused to give up”                                 - Rocky Balboa
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