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By Shalev Lifshitz

AI Researcher & Entrepreneur

AI Researcher & Entrepreneur

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Shalev Lifshitz - 2020 Newsletter

For the past year, I have been working with Claronav, a surgical navigation company in Toronto, to improve surgical navigation with AI by creating algorithms that can automatically detect structures in a patient's CT scans. These detections help the surgical …


Shalev Lifshitz - Summer Newsletter

This September, I traveled to Germany and the Czech Republic to give 3 different talks at 3 different conferences in 3 different cities... in 1 week!In Berlin, I spoke at IFA, Europe's largest consumer electronics showcase with over 250 000 attendees. Check o…


Shalev Lifshitz - Spring Newsletter

In April and May, I was part of two panels. One at Microsoft's head office and the other at Operation Medical School (OMS) at the University of Toronto. In both cases, I spoke to a room full of young innovators about innovation in technology and how youth can…


Shalev Lifshitz - February & March Newsletter

Are we the only intelligent life in the universe?This question has been asked since the beginning of human civilization. Yet, for the first time, it is evolving into a possible scenario:What if we artificially created intelligent life?At the South by Southwes…


Shalev Lifshitz - December & January Newsletter

As a research assistant at Kimia Lab (University of Waterloo), I recently worked on a very exciting project. The results are reported in a paper which we submitted to the International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN 2019). Our paper introduces a n…


Shalev Lifshitz - November Newsletter

I will be speaking at South by Southwest in March, an annual conglomerate of film, innovation, technology and music festivals and conferences in Austin, Texas. This will be my biggest audience yet and I am excited to see where it will lead!


Shalev Lifshitz - September & October Newsletter

Recently, I started a new position as a Research Assistant at the University of Waterloo's KIMIA Lab. I am co-authoring a paper with the aim of discovering new AI methods for image identification. Working on this project has introduced me to the difficulties …


Shalev Lifshitz - August Newsletter

As summer ends and school begins, I am finishing up an integral part of my Ciliopathy diagnosis project at The Goldenberg Lab, creating a cell counting algorithm. For most Pathologists and Researchers who work with cell images, an important and useful piece o…


Shalev Lifshitz - July Newsletter

I had an great time speaking at KMPG Executive Look, KMPG's largest university student conference! I spoke about the Design Thinking process and how we can leverage this type of thinking to create innovative solutions to some of the worlds most important prob…


Shalev Lifshitz - June Newsletter

I recently started my summer internship at the SickKids Goldenberg Lab. I am creating an AI and Computer Vision system which analyzes cell microscopy images and helps detect Ciliopathy in patients. Utilizing this system will also allow researchers to determin…