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Be Better Edition

Greetings from the cornfields. Good morning friends, family and internet strangers! I welcome you to
Sean McDevitt
Be Better Edition
By Sean McDevitt • Issue #1 • View online
Greetings from the cornfields.
Good morning friends, family and internet strangers! I welcome you to the first installment of the weekly Sean McDevitt | Writer Newsletter. I have had other newsletters, but this one is different. My newsletters in the past focused on other people’s writing. This one, as the name might have given away, is going to focus on my writing.
I figured creating a newsletter is one way to help others find my writing. I’m well aware there’s a ton of writing (and cat videos) on the interwebs. We are an easily distracted lot. So, here is a weekly collection of what I’ve magicked into existence making it quick and easy for you to find some decent reading material. Also, I’m using the Medium Partner Program for some of my writing so you’ll have to join Medium to read those pieces. The first three are free per month, so you can be selective or, you know, join up and read not only my stuff but a ton more cool offerings. Be sure to offer a clap or two or two hundred. It really does mean something.
My goal isn’t to spam you with useless links in your inbox, so if this isn’t to your liking, you won’t hurt my feelings if you decide to part ways. I do hope you stick around.
I’m dropping this on Sundays. Sunday has the not entirely unearned reputation for being the laziest day of the week and the one where you, dear reader, might have a couple of minutes to kill to peruse my latest.
Additionally, I have no idea what I’m going to say in the future at the top of this email. The mystery of that should entice you to at least hang around for next week’s installment.

Here are the stories I found worthy of sharing this week.
Be Better
A Welcome Addition
Let’s Talk About Poop
The Little Engine that Couldn’t
Umpin’ Ain’t Easy
I-L-L Obama
Let the Music Do the Walking
Copy Machine
Monday Morning Plan
Sean McDevitt
"The world always seems brighter when you've just made something that wasn't there before." -- Neil Gaiman H/T: @RyanHoliday
12:10 PM - 28 Aug 2018
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