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Marcos Monteiro - CEO of Veezoo
Marcos Monteiro - CEO of Veezoo
Hey there!
I hope you had a great, refreshing weekend and are off to a good start. I know we’ve been super busy here at Veezoo, what with our company hackathon last Thursday and Friday (which produced some awesome new features like a Google Sheet integration to Veezoo to ask your spreadsheets anything!) and our parents coming to visit us here in Switzerland, everything feels like it’s moving a mile a minute.
And that is definitely what it’s felt like this past year with all the advancements in AI/ML and Data landscape (see Matt Turck’s article below).
Luckily, I still had time to put together this week’s SELECT FROM WHERE? newsletter. This instalment has a strong emphasis on technical learning and doing, with great articles about Airbyte, Postgres, and BigQuery.
I hope you enjoy the roundup and would love to hear your thoughts.
And if you do find it helpful, be sure to subscribe and consider sharing SFW? with a friend or work colleague.
Marcos Monteiro
CEO of Veezoo - Real Self-Service Analytics needs to speak your language.

Must Reads!
On Self-Service, Data Democratization and Language—JP Monteiro
The 2021 Machine Learning, AI and Data (MAD) Landscape—Matt Turck
From Rows to People—Tristan Handy
Airbyte: Worth the hype?—Tomas Peluritis of Towards Data Science
Herding elephants: Lessons learned from sharding Postgres at Notion
Best practices to optimize the query costs in BigQuery | Metriql Docs
If Only It Wasn't True...
That’s it for now.
We’ll be back with SELECT FROM WHERE? in your inbox in two weeks!
Until then, cheers :)
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Marcos Monteiro - CEO of Veezoo
Marcos Monteiro - CEO of Veezoo @veezoo

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