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What does the Looker and Tableau Partnership actually means?

Marcos Monteiro - CEO of Veezoo
Marcos Monteiro - CEO of Veezoo
Hi there!
Wow! What a week in the modern data stack world: Between Looker announcing a partnership with Tableau (see the dbt Roundup and JP’s latest article), The Future Data Conference and the heated discussion around the metrics layer in the modern data stack, things are happening! But that is why you’re here, isn’t it :)
So, let’s not waste any more of your time and jump straight into this week’s SELECT FROM WHERE? roundup.
Marcos Monteiro
CEO of Veezoo - Real Self-Service Analytics needs to speak your language.

It's Fight Time: dbt vs Looker & Tableau
LookML + Tableau: moving towards an industry standard or locking you into Google's ecosystem? - The Analytics Engineering Roundup
JP's Latest Article: A Looker/Tableau Analysis
Is Looker Dead? | JP Monteiro: Modern Data Democracy
Must Reads!
Refactoring SQL for Modularity
ETL Pipelines with Airflow: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly | Airbyte
A Deep Dive into Hex and the Future of Data Apps
Wrong Data Can Still Be Right - Locally Optimistic
This is Why We Need Better Data Literacy
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Marcos Monteiro - CEO of Veezoo
Marcos Monteiro - CEO of Veezoo @veezoo

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