By Marcos Monteiro - CEO of Veezoo

🚀 Major Trends in the Data Engineering Industry



Marcos Monteiro - CEO of Veezoo
Marcos Monteiro - CEO of Veezoo
Oh, wow! The year is almost over. It’s time to accelerate the pace, increase the heartbeat and make the best out of this last sprint - the final chance to overachieve the year’s objectives. We are pushing it hard, what about you?
At the same time (paradoxically?), it’s also the moment to stop - raise the head and look into the next year. What are you planning to achieve in the year to come? And how are you going to go about it? Juggling between these two activities is what makes the months of November and December especially challenging.
This also makes it particularly important to stay on top of the industry trends! Luckily, you won’t have to spend much time looking for the right articles to read - I’ve done this work for you. Below is a compilation of the top articles in the data & analytics industry. Hope you like it!
Marcos Monteiro
CEO of Veezoo - Real Self-Service Analytics needs to speak your language.

The Major Trends in Data Engineering
Max Beauchemin writes about the major trends in the industry and how they are affecting data engineers and other data professionals: Data Infrastructure as a Service, ELT and the erosion of the semantic layer into the transformation layer with tools such as DBT, Airflow and others.
The Life in the Data Ecosystem
Antriksh Goel draws a nice picture of the data ecosystem within a product company. Who are the players and how they interact with each other throughout the entire data journey within the company. On one side of the triangle are the people responsible for the data structure, on the other the ones responsible for data patterns and behaviours and on the third side are the data-driven decision-makers. Each of those players interact with data in different ways along the journey: from the event logs of the product to the data platforms and decisions - all processes sketched in a simple diagram.
In this series of four entertaining articles, Megan Dibble illustrates the life of a Data Analyst with drawings. How do the goals from different departments overlap with the goals from IT? How much enjoyment does one have building a dashboard in PowerBI? And best of all: how many versions of an excel file do you have with a suffix “_final_v2” or “_final_v3”?
When Business Intelligence isn't so Fun!
Illustration by Megan Dibble
Illustration by Megan Dibble
New Free Tier Version for Veezoo
Veezoo just launched a new free tier version. Any company can now get easily started for free with up to 5 users!
We hope that this will accelerate the progress of companies towards a data-driven culture - eliminating the barriers for business users to interact with data and find the insights that they need for their daily jobs.
If you are not using it yet, go ahead and sign up for a free account at
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Marcos Monteiro - CEO of Veezoo
Marcos Monteiro - CEO of Veezoo @veezoo

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