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A brief look into the past, present & future of data

Marcos Monteiro - CEO of Veezoo
Marcos Monteiro - CEO of Veezoo
Hey there!
Hope you are off to a great start to the week. There is a lot happening these days in the data industry, especially as a new generation of data startups/companies (like us at Veezoo) attempt to build the next generation of data applications to replace/outperform typical data dashboards.
With so much happening on the BI and data team side of things, I thought it made sense to focus this week on where the industry is coming from and where we’re ultimately headed.
Because, as many greater minds than me have often said: how can we know where we’re going, if we don’t know where we’re coming from…
So grab a coffee and get ready for this week’s instalment of SELECT FROM WHERE?
It’s time to go deep with data!
Marcos Monteiro
CEO of Veezoo - Real Self-Service Analytics needs to speak your language.

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Not only do I tend to agree with Erik’s argument, it’s also one of the reasons why we are building Veezoo - so that people don’t need any additional knowledge to explore and visualize data.
But what do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts - just hit reply.
Because Data opens our eyes to Truth
Source: Reddit r/dataisbeautiful
Source: Reddit r/dataisbeautiful
The Data Pipeline Uh-Oh!
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That’s all I have got for now. I’ll talk to you guys again soon.
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Marcos Monteiro - CEO of Veezoo
Marcos Monteiro - CEO of Veezoo @veezoo

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