By Marcos Monteiro - CEO of Veezoo

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The Modern Data Experience Manifesto, an Airbyte Analysis, and Minimizing BigQuery Costs - SELECT FROM WHERE?

Hey there!I hope you had a great, refreshing weekend and are off to a good start. I know we've been super busy here at Veezoo, what with our company hackathon last Thursday and Friday (which produced some awesome new features like a Google Sheet integration t…


The Data OS, Erik Bernhardsson on Building Data Products, and Why Data Scientists Don't Need to Know Kubernetes - SELECT FROM WHERE? Sept 28th

Hey there!How's it going? It's been a busy one in the world of data (and for us), especially with me presenting at GfM's Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Marketing (here's a short video we prepared for the event) and  our CTO, JP, starting a bit of a Twitter b…


Data Team Specialization, OLAP Cubes and the Past, Present & Future of Data Engineering - SELECT FROM WHERE?

Hey there!Hope you are off to a great start to the week. There is a lot happening these days in the data industry, especially as a new generation of data startups/companies (like us at Veezoo) attempt to build the next generation of data applications to repla…


The Modern Data Experience, When Correlation Beats Causation and the Key to True Data Democratization: SELECT FROM WHERE?

Hey there!Hope you had a great weekend. I know I did, plus a beautiful and much needed week of rest and sailing along the Croatian coast.Thankfully, I'm fully recharged now and ready to get back to work. It is a good thing too, because while our mission at Ve…


SELECT FROM WHERE? DataOps, True Self-Serve, and OpenAI's NLP Codex Waitlist!

Hey there!I hope you had a great weekend and a productive two weeks since I talked to you last. I know, I for one have been quite busy with Veezoo and working to reinvent the world of REAL self-service analytics (ie. one that actually speaks business users' l…


SELECT FROM WHERE? - Building a Data Team, Simple vs Non-Standard Charts, and Four Data Quality Best Practices that Actually Deliver

Hi there!I hope you're off to a great, productive start to the week and also had a nice weekend.In case you need a little inspiration, we've put together a solid roundup in this week's issue of SELECT FROM WHERE? to get your brain up-to-speed with all your Tu…


SELECT FROM WHERE? - The Modern Data Stack, Data Engineering in 2021, and Why Most Analytics Efforts Fail

Hey there!Welcome back to SELECT FROM WHERE? Thanks for choosing to dive deeper with us into the best the data and analytics world has to offer.That is actually why I decided to start this newsletter. We all know with data, it is only as good as its source. A…


SELECT FROM WHERE? Analytics at Google, the State of Data, and the Best AI & Data Science Podcasts!

Hi there!Welcome to the first ever instalment of SELECT FROM WHERE?My name is Marcos Monteiro, CEO of Veezoo, and my goal with this newsletter is to share the latest and most relevant trends, topics, articles and best practices from the world of data, analyti…