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SCARS Scam News & Alerts - Issue August 26, 2021

SCARS Scam News & Alerts - Issue August 26, 2021
The latest information to help you stay safe online and recover from scams!
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Welcome to the Official SCARS Newsletter
Welcome to the Official SCARS Newsletter
“You may have had bad times, but so far you are 100% successful in surviving them!” ― Dr. McGuinness, Director, SCARS
The SCARS Self-Help Scam Recovery Program
SCARS Publishes New GREEN BOOK Self-Help Recovery Guide | SCARS Publishing
Scams Hit New Record High!
Important Information For Scam Victims
COMING SOON - SCARS Police Interaction Support & Guidance For Scam Victims
SCARS Videos of the Week
Scam Victim Judgement
Scam Victim Judgement
Learn why the judgment of others does not matter!
SCARS YouTube Channel
Latest Scammer Photo Galleries
Stolen Photos Of Men August 2021 | Stolen Photos Used By Scammers
See more Scammer Photo Galleries at
Please Report All Scams - It Matters!
Please be sure to report all scammers with or your National Cybercrimes Police • and your Local Police if you lost money / get a report number!
More Information From SCARS
Recovery From Scams
Coping with the Reality of Crime Victimization
Who is SCARS?
The Certified, Registered, Award-Winning Crime Victims’ Assistance & Crime Prevention Nonprofit (NGO) helping Scam Victims Worldwide! Do you need help?
Learn more at
The Psychology of Scams
How Scams Work
More About Scams
Important Information For NEW Scam Victims
SCARS 3 Steps For New Scam Victims | Begin To Take Control After The Scam Ends
A Scam Victim's Checklist For Interacting With The Police | Reporting Scams
SCARS Tools Designed Just For Scam Victims!
See all of the SCARS Scam Victim Self-Help Books!
See all of the SCARS Scam Victim Self-Help Books!
Are you spreading the word about Scams?
Each of us has a duty to help prevent crime. Please make sure you are reporting all scams and helping others!
New SCAMS are all around us, and recovering from the experience of a socially engineered scam is far from easy. SCARS is here to educate, support, and advocate on behalf of scam victims worldwide!
Be sure you are sharing this information with friends & family!
Please Help?
You Can Help In Many Ways:
  1. You can help spread the word about SCARS and help the next victim AVOID • DISCOVER • RECOVER - Visit today!
  2. You can Volunteer with SCARS to help other Scam Victims - visit
  3. Help Support SCARS - To donate to SCARS go to - You can purchase an item from the SCARS online store at
Please help us, so we can help you, your family, and your friends!
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