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Yellowstone at 150

Rockies Today
Yellowstone at 150
By Mountain West News • Issue #280 • View online

A reckoning and reboot
Yellowstone's checkered past, challenging future
Tribes hope for a 'reboot' as Yellowstone marks 150 years
Wildlife lessons, visitation trends, tribal talks
An interview with 'Saving Yellowstone' author Megan Kate Nelson
Yellowstone at 150: Busier yet wilder than ever, says park’s ‘winterkeeper’
Water rights and wrongs
Colorado River, stolen by law
Tribes along the Colorado River navigate a stacked settlement process to claim their water rights
Tribes negotiate for a fairer future along the Colorado River
Half empty
Cascading climate calamities target West’s water, legal system
Seven weeks of near-record low snowfall in the Colorado River Basin have water managers worried
Lake Powell will soon dip below crucial low-water mark, official says
The Colorado River starts as snow, and the way we understand it is changing
Can cloud seeding help quench the thirst of the U.S. West?
Why I’m smiling in a megadrought
The wandering wolf
Environmental groups seek relisting of Northern Rockies wolves
Bear sightings and conflicts in Colorado plummeted in 2021
Hounds chased a Yellowstone mountain lion into a tree. Then Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte shot it.
Wyoming politicians hatch a plan to continue sage grouse game farms
Grand Teton cull ends with 58 mountain goats killed
This map shows where biodiversity is most at risk in America
Dispatches from the energy transition
Colorado wants to be a hydrogen power hub of the future. What’s that look like?
A controversial lithium mine in Nevada is one step closer to operation
Colorado regulators approve Xcel’s massive new transmission line for the Eastern Plains
Several renewable energy projects are proposed in south-central Idaho
What else we're reading today
Dangerous levels of lead were found in the water of about half the schools tested in Montana
Colorado attorney general sues makers of firefighting foam that uses 'forever chemicals' that threaten drinking water
Oil boom feeds NM budget, but environmental agencies left wanting
How one Native American tribe is battling for control over flaring
Colorado oil and gas regulators approve ‘strongest in the nation’ financial rules
Montana land sales skyrocket to new highs in 2021
The past, present and future of Utah Lake: Part I
Major hurdle cleared in plan to demolish four California dams
Do salmon have rights?
Could ‘slow streets’ lead to less Salt Lake smog?
Dust clouds cause air pollution and health risks out West
See the trailer for ‘Sent Away,’ a new Tribune podcast about Utah’s teen treatment industry
The legend of the horned rabbit of the West
Will we share the same dismal fate as glaciers and forests?
Rockies Today is edited by Matthew Frank, fellow in regional journalism at the O’Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West at the University of Montana.
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