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Wither winter

Rockies Today
Wither winter
By Mountain West News • Issue #261 • View online

Glimpsing the West's low-snow future
Western U.S. could become nearly snowless due to climate change
A future with little to no snow? What that means for the West
Where's the snow? Rockies winter starts with a whimper
Colorado wildfires in December may become more common, expert says
Prairies on fire in Montana amid a record December heat wave
How Denton firefighters saved the town from a catastrophic blaze
Tribes at the table
Historically excluded from Colorado River policy, tribes want a say in how the dwindling resource is used. Access to clean water is a start.
Biden tribal policy would shake up energy law on public lands
Native agricultural group takes up priorities for next farm bill
Political animals
Wyoming approves tri-state grizzly hunting pact in delisting push
Montana petitions U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to delist NCDE grizzlies
Montana governor, AG try to stop American Prairie's bison through political pressure
In restoring gray wolves to Colorado, big decisions lie ahead for wildlife planners
Dispatches from the energy transition
Job gains and losses from coal shutdowns land in different places
The U.S. wants more clean energy projects on public lands. One Wyoming wind farm shows it’s not that easy.
Cheney bill would pay states for oil and gas leasing, even when sales aren't held
Opinion: State budgets tied to fossil fuels are slowing the energy transition and leaving workers and communities behind
How Dems' climate plan may transform coal in rural America
Geothermal energy could mean a renewable future for Colorado's oil fields
Proposed gold and copper mine near Cheyenne advances to final exploratory phase
Price of Wyoming coal jumps to unprecedented high
What else we're reading today
Inside the quest for independent journalism on tribal lands across the country
Utah will ask Supreme Court to consider monuments challenge
Will EPA help fund Utah Lake island-building project?
A Colorado family tried to save their cattle ranch by betting big on rare birds. It’s paying off.
A battle between pedaling and peace heats up over plans for mountain bike park in Conifer, Colorado
Advocates hope Caribou, now absent from the Lower 48, make a comeback
Nighttime's not quieting wildfires like it used to, study shows
Meet B.C.'s new wildfire crew: cows
How to solve the rural-urban digital divide
The vicious 150-year rivalry between Utah’s two biggest newspapers
Rockies Today is edited by Matthew Frank, fellow in regional journalism at the O’Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West at the University of Montana.
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