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Welcome to the Pyrocene
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On the West's 'unhinged pyrogeography'
We have created a planetary fire age. Now we have to live in it.
Wildfires used to be helpful. How did they get so hellish?
How Indigenous burning practices can help curb the biodiversity crisis
Land board pushes for increased funding to fight Idaho’s historic wildfires
Is Utah’s mild fire season turning ugly? Explosive Parleys Canyon Fire highlights fire risks.
Essay: Fire season
No trespasing
Utah courts reverse course on stream access: There is no public easement to beds crossing private land
Background (from 2015):
Stream access ruling opens can of legal worms in Utah
Judge invalidates law, says Utah's trout rivers and streams must remain accessible
Biden's historic NPS pick
Biden to nominate Umatilla tribal leader Chuck Sams to direct National Park Service
NPS pick has never managed a park, but that may not matter
Public lands ticker
Is it finally time for the backpack tax?
Wyoming board tours state-owned land in Jackson Hole, hears from its guardians
Interior Dept. announces next steps for giant Idaho wind farm
Utah illegally funding fossil fuel projects, environmental groups claim
The slaughter of elk at Yellowstone National Park
Biden to resume selling drilling rights as appeal unfolds
Court blocks a vast Alaskan drilling project, citing climate dangers
Dispatches from the West's water crisis
Booming Colorado town asks, ‘Where will water come from?’
Drought forces first water cuts on the Colorado River. They're just the beginning.
Opinion: What to do about the Colorado River’s megadrought ‘code red’
Desalination has guided water exchanges for Israel and Jordan. Could it play a role in the Colorado River Basin’s future?
Desecration in the desert
What else we're reading today
Tourists are flocking to Colorado this summer—and they’re bringing COVID with them
Luxury train trips between Denver and Moab begin on the Rocky Mountaineer
Despite 2020 gains, Bozeman tech struggles under housing crunch
Cheney bill aims to protect private landowners from 30 by 30
Montana FWP reorganization could hamper science-based wildlife management, public input
Patagonia dumps Jackson Hole ski resort after far-right fundraiser
North Idaho's right-wing Redoubt News is more than just a website that shamed an alleged rape victim
Colorado's Boebert discloses husband's work for energy firm
Can the West learn to share renewable power?
Last trek of the human wolverine
Avocados, ants, aardvarks and us
Consider the sagebrush
This tribal elder helped remove 157-year-old proclamations used to incite Sand Creek Massacre
Murray Sinclair on reconciliation, anger, unmarked graves—and a headline for this story
Rockies Today is edited by Matthew Frank, fellow in regional journalism at the O’Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West at the University of Montana.
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