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Timber and tinder

Rockies Today
Timber and tinder
By Mountain West News • Issue #317 • View online

On trees, logging, forests and fire
U.S. to plant 1 billion trees as climate change kills forests
Why two California wildfires had very different outcomes
Opinion: The case against commercial logging in wildfire-prone forests
Opinion: Why forest managers need to team up with Indigenous fire practitioners
In the fight to protect Douglas Fir, in drones they trust
Climate change is warming Canada's great expanse of boreal forest, bringing greater risk of fire and disease
Climate change affecting composition of Yukon forests, study finds
New documentary looks at alternative approaches to wildfires
These voracious goats might be the next best tool for battling Colorado megafires
The fires below
Why wildfire evacuations are so hard to plan
Terra incognita
The end of snow
A mud-caked 'terra incognita' emerges in Glen Canyon as Lake Powell declines to historic low
As Lake Powell drops, structural limitations in the Glen Canyon Dam will prevent water deliveries, posing a bigger threat than lost hydropower
A race to save fish as Rio Grande dries, even in Albuquerque
Colorado River strain casts shadow over recreation
Home economics
Sun Valley's housing crisis exposes a ‘house of cards’
Remote workers pushed up incomes and home prices in Boise and other 'pandemic boomtowns'
Investors bought a quarter of homes sold last year, driving up rents
Metro Denver in top half of vulnerable housing markets, study finds
How higher interest rates are stifling Montana homebuyers
Vail town council blocks permits for work at Vail Resorts housing parcel
Over a barrel
Shale profits finally blossoming after decade of steep losses
Air pollution from oil and gas in Permian Basin leads to feds investigating via aircraft
Alaska’s Willow Project promises huge amounts of oil—and huge environmental impacts
'Time is incredibly tight': New report adds clarity to challenge of cutting oilsands' emissions
Local author explores the rural duality of boomtowns in a new book
What else we're reading today
‘We have to be visible': Medicine Wheel Ride takes MMIW to Sturgis
Seven years after spill turns river yellow, Navajo farmers still not repaid
The last mountain
Hiker traffic on Colorado 14ers fell by 110,000 visits in 2021 after setting a record in 2020
Can Copper Mountain do something about climate change using its own slopes? 
Toyota-Panasonic battery JV to buy lithium from ioneer's Nevada mine
Bitcoin mining startup in Idaho challenges utility on rates for energy-gobbling data centers
Electric pickups and farm country
Rawlins’s municipal water failure part of a growing climate concern
Nevada landowners say they've begun razing wildlife refuge dam
Grizzly 399 offspring eschewed good habitat before being killed
Fencing helps Teton County cut back on roadkill
Colorado's largest wild horse roundup in history ends with 864 captured animals, and plans for ongoing fertility control
Call of the loon
Yellowstone aims to restore vehicle access to north, northeast entrances by mid-October
A new biography resurrects a Western conservation writer
How the new climate bill would reduce emissions
Can local news be saved?
Rockies Today is edited by Matthew Frank, associate director of regional journalism at the O’Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West at the University of Montana.
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