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Ripples of war





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Rockies Today
Ripples of war
By Mountain West News • Issue #281 • View online

War reverberates around the Rockies
U.S. oil and gas lease politics heat up as Russia wages war
Biden bans Russian oil, warns of higher prices at U.S. pumps
Why Colorado drillers are unlikely to pump more oil amid Russia-Ukraine crisis
Ripples of war: Ukraine conflict affects Montana
Montana wheat prices soar on concerns of war, drought
War highlights uranium worry for the advanced nuclear industry
Can Alberta help solve Europe’s energy crisis? It’s complicated
Parched realities
Researchers say increasing forest fires are ‘unhinging’ Western streamflow patterns
Water is for fighting
'Tough times' in Pacific Northwest as drought persists
Would Utah Lake dredging really increase Utah’s water supply? Don’t bet on it
Is it too late to save the diminishing Great Salt Lake?
Western water war: Neighboring counties in Utah fighting over precious resource
Record growth, record heat, record drought: How will Las Vegas weather the climate crisis?
Spring is starting sooner and growing warmer, analysis shows
Critters and coexistence
Montana cattle group opposes state giving Colorado wolves for reintroduction
How an Idaho ranch family learned to live with wolves
Colorado Parks and Wildlife is dusting off a plan to reintroduce wolverines
One of rarest animals in Yellowstone emerges near ‘elated’ tour group, video shows
Yellowstone Cougar Project providing insight to lions' lives, deaths
Smallmouth bass at Yellowstone’s doorstep, posing potential ‘nightmare’
Dispatches from the energy transition
Xcel changes electricity prices for 310,000 Colorado residents, urging off-peak nighttime use
A natural gas giant is waging a sneaky war on a minor Colorado climate policy
Western Slope county rejects solar project over fears of losing a sliver of farmland
NorthWestern announces plans to be net-zero on carbon emissions by 2050
Utah rail line could bring 10 crude oil trains through Denver daily, drawing concern across Colorado
Interior advances large solar project on Nevada tribal land
What else we're reading today
Shining a light on suicide risk for wildland firefighters
'They just didn't care': Families' grief renewed as Interior reviews deaths at tribal jails
'They're finally listening': Indigenous peoples play major role in new climate report
Who decides the future of the Badger-Two Medicine?
Colorado has an abandoned oil well problem. It's asking drillers to pay up.
Colorado’s curious case of a crypto mine that no one is really sure exists
Ranching, and birding, amid Colorado’s suburban sprawl
Wood-burning stoves raise new health concerns
In Nevada, a Senate candidate embraces far-right ‘constitutional sheriffs’ group
Oklahoma’s tension with tribes attracts attention of Western states
Colorado inmates are changing the narrative with first-ever public prison radio station
Rockies Today is edited by Matthew Frank, fellow in regional journalism at the O’Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West at the University of Montana.
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