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Out of house and home

Rockies Today
Out of house and home
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Surveying the West's housing landscape
Squeezed out: Housing crisis looms large over the West
Records reveal hundreds of Treasure Valley homes owned by out-of-state investors
Rising Colorado Springs home prices, rents make it tougher to attract and retain workers
When a housing crisis meets a megaflood
Town at the gateway to Zion National Park struggles to house locals
Helter shelter
Powder blues
Wildfires are burning away the West’s snow
To study impacts of longer, hotter summers, ecologists haul 5,000 pounds of sand up a mountain
Cascade snowpack melts faster in burned areas, study says
Inside outdoor rec
Sexual harassment has plagued the river guiding world. Here’s how Utahns are working to change it.
Warming waters threaten Montana's blue ribbon trout fishing
As wildfire risk grows, campfires fade across an arid West
In remote outposts, enterprising denizens capitalize on trail traffic
How climate change is transforming the Pacific Crest Trail
Colorado Teardrop EV range-extending camper trailer has its own battery pack
Taos Ski Valley certified carbon neutral, to debut electric snow groomer
More public lands news
Unfencing the West: BLM highlights power of virtual fencing
'All land is Native land,' says artist Gregg Deal in cycling journey to Sand Creek Massacre site
Economic impact of national parks
New research reveals how critical forests are to drinking water supply
Dispatches from the energy transition
Rangely is surrounded by a coal mine and more than 1,000 oil wells. What will happen to it when we stop burning fossil fuels?
Colorado is falling behind on its mandate to cut greenhouse gases 
Power struggle: Farmington vows to get ownership of San Juan Generating Station
Solar sovereignty: The promise of Native-led renewables
Residents of a northern Arizona county protest plans for giant wind farm
Natural gas industry eyes eventual pivot to hydrogen in Wyoming
Central WA is eyeing nuclear power again—but on a smaller scale
Plummeting renewable energy costs open a new way to bridge the political divide
Over a barrel
Oil brings in more than $2 billion in royalties to New Mexico State Land Office
Private oil drillers are hitting their limits
How much methane should oil and gas companies let go?
Energy interests in Utah threaten 'world’s longest art gallery'
‘An edifice of lies’: How climate denial and religion kickstarted Alberta’s oilsands
Half empty
Western reservoirs could run dry in 3 years, top official warns
The Colorado River is drying up—but basin states have ‘no plan’ on how to cut water use
On the Colorado River, growing concern for trout and chub
It’s the thirstiest crop in the Southwest. Will the drought put alfalfa farmers out of business?
Leave it to beaver
What else we're reading today
Colorado elk are gathering for the greatest sex show on turf. And we like to watch.
Mule deer numbers find new normal as CPW works to address challenges
Highly invasive zebra mussel appears in Colorado waters for first time ever
EPA downgrades northern Colorado air quality
Caring for the land: Paradise Valley ranching family wins conservation award
The potash canals in Utah’s salt flats have become a case of Instagram vs. reality
Rockies Today is edited by Matthew Frank, associate director of regional journalism at the O’Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West at the University of Montana.
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