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New lows

Rockies Today
New lows
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'This is aridification'
Lake Powell—nation's second-largest reservoir—hits record low
The Great Salt Lake, depleted by drought, hits its lowest water level in recorded history
'Unrecognizable.' Lake Mead, a lifeline for water in the West, tips toward crisis
Wyoming looks to store, divert more water as Lake Powell dries up
Stressed in the West
Montana’s famed trout under threat as drought intensifies
Warming rivers in U.S. West killing fish, imperiling industry
Extreme heat triggers mass die-offs and stress for wildlife in the West
After 20 years of drought, Western Slope ranchers face a choice—keep adapting, or move along
As drought cuts hay crop, cattle ranchers face culling herds
Climate change wreaks havoc on the electricity grid
Fueling the fire
The climate change link to more and bigger wildfires
The West is burning. Climate change is making it worse.
The pandemic slashed the West Coast's emissions. Wildfires already reversed it.
Mudslides and flash flooding along Colorado’s burn scars could cause disasters, or mere travel delays, all summer long. Here’s why.
Smoke fouls air as fires, heat hammer Northern Rockies
Opinion: We know we live under the cloud of fire here in Washington state. But this year feels different.
‘Fire is medicine’: How Indigenous practices could help curb wildfires
Immense change
Is climate change happening faster than expected? A climate scientist explains.
Three degrees of global warming is quite plausible and truly disastrous
Extreme heat waves in a warming world don't just break records—they shatter them
Clouds may speed up global warming
Climate scientists meet as floods, fires, droughts and heat waves batter countries
Inside the West's housing crises
‘Done with Moab:’ Now living in his car, longtime community DJ says the town is unaffordable
Moab ‘dirtbaggers’ blur the line between homeless and not
‘Kayak court’ brings the justice system to Salt Lake City’s homeless on the banks of the Jordan River
McCall's housing shortage brings big challenges for small Idaho town after COVID-19
Flooded with tourists, Colorado mountain towns are starting to limit short-term rentals to combat housing crisis
Colorado’s housing crisis touches every inch of the state. Lawmakers hope $400 million will help.
Plagued by crises, Oregon looks to motels as creative solution to sheltering the unhoused
What else we're reading today
'Long overdue': Lawmakers propose $6.7 billion to bring clean drinking water to Indian Country
Does nature have a legal right to exist? Colorado mountain town says yes
Development in a wealthy Montana boom town is fouling a world-class trout river
Amid drought, climate change and water shortages, are the arguments for keeping golf courses full of holes?
Interior secretary visits new public lands HQ in Colorado
Editorial: If Congress won’t act, Haaland and Biden must protect our lands themselves
Are we loving Idaho's nature to death? Why some have hope for outdoors with record use
Rock climbing is getting more popular—and that concerns conservationists
State removes roadblock to northwest Montana mines
Attorney general intervenes in NorthWestern Energy application
This Utah oil producer was wasting natural gas. Now it uses it to mine cryptocurrency.
Is there really freedom in the outdoors?
Rockies Today is edited by Matthew Frank, fellow in regional journalism at the O’Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West at the University of Montana.
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