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Lights out

Rockies Today
Lights out
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Massive Western coal plant powers down
It's lights out at the San Juan Generating Station
As the last coal burned, San Juan Generating Station employees expressed a mixture of emotions
Looking back at the San Juan Generating Station and those who fought against it
San Juan plant among troubled carbon capture projects dogging DOE ahead of new spending spree
More on the energy transition
CS Wind's plans for Pueblo turbine plant include tripling workforce, two new buildings
Industry shake-ups have delayed or canceled many utility solar projects in Colorado, but brighter days could be ahead
Cleaner energy needs more copper. Kennecott will go underground to find it.
Wyoming has high hopes for huge carbon capture project
Feds OK Wyoming electric vehicle charging plan, deny most exemptions
Blaine County, Valley cities send letter in support of solar power
Rolling back Idaho's energy code requirements could impact some federal loans on new homes
Tiny Oregon town hosts 1st wind-solar-battery 'hybrid' plant
Missoula should be targeted with any power brownouts, says Republican PSC member
Over a barrel
BLM rescinds approval of 5,750-well Monument Butte oil and gas project
How much water does it take to frac an oil well?
Research shows oil field flaring emits nearly five times more methane than expected
Oil and gas industry says it's reducing air pollution in Permian Basin. Can it be trusted?
Assessing the damage, New Mexico labs leading research on abandoned oil and gas wells
EPA tells Colorado's governor there’s no getting out of selling reformulated gas to fight ozone
Keystone XL's $15 billion trade suit against the U.S. is set for takeoff
More public lands news
Patagonia’s influence on Utah lands just got a ‘turbocharger’
Utah’s handling of Tabby Mountain sale draws rebuke from Ute Tribe
In effort to attract ‘respectful visitors,’ Southern Utah wins big piece of state’s tourism funds pie
Coalition wants to see wilderness proposals for Gallatin, Madison ranges
Megadrought monitor
Drought in the West leads farmers to look elsewhere for revenue
Thirsty? New Mexico brings drinking water to support desert wildlife amid drought
Pick your Colorado River metaphor
Feds will spend billions to boost drought-stricken Colorado River system
Bar up?
Vail Resorts rebounds from pandemic, labor struggles with best ever financial performance in 2022
Your phone might soon be your ski lift pass at some Vail Resorts
Park City Mountain will send ski lifts caught in red tape to another resort
Opinion: If resorts want a gondola, they—not you—should pay for it
On the media
A bakery, a brewery, and a local news site: There’s a new type of collective growing in Spokane, Washington
Giving voice to the unhoused during a crushing heatwave
Utah lawyers volunteer to help Salt Lake Tribune journalists get public records
Colorado Springs Indy goes nonprofit
Colorado journalists talk objectivity, identity, and reporting
What else we're reading today
Broken oaths
Critics threatened a Montana drag story hour. Supporters rallied.
Patty Limerick fired from CU Center of the American West she co-founded 39 years ago
This climate-friendly house for Marshall fire victims isn’t a luxury home
‘You’re living in a tin can’
Meet the Coloradans working to diversify the great outdoors
Will the Supreme Court gut the Clean Water Act?
Afton water supply concerns stir feds v. locals maelstrom
How an Arizona tribe and wildlife biologists rescued the Apache trout from near extinction
​​Grizzly advocates appeal ruling on Upper Green River grazing
On the fence: New research taps rancher expertise on living with carnivores
Squeak! Squeak! You can track Colorado’s climate-threatened pikas with a new app
A new way: Private forestry company fills fuels management niche in southwest Montana
Bitcoin’s climate damage is similar to beef and crude oil, says new study
Rockies Today is edited by Matthew Frank, associate director of regional journalism at the O’Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West at the University of Montana.
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