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Gentrification tales

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Gentrification tales
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On the West's affordability crisis
Who can afford to live in the American West when locals can’t?
Boost in food stamp benefits doesn't tip scales of inequality in Mountain West resort towns
Missoula housing prices rose nearly 23% in 2021
Review: A gentrification tale that's close to home in 'Aviary'
Colorado Springs home prices take another double-digit jump
Utah mobile home park begins clearing out residents
'Hijacked by polluters'
The EPA said Utah’s ozone pollution was harming public health. Industry groups pushed the state to blame China instead.
And more on air pollution in the West:
Gaps in U.S. wildfire smoke warning network leave many exposed
Wildfire smoke may be contributing to premature births
Why Colorado’s record ozone pollution is more about cars than wildfire smoke
New lows
The incredible shrinking Colorado River
Heat and drought point to trouble ahead for Montana's trout
‘The worst thing I can ever remember’: How drought is crushing ranchers
Drought, hoppers put Montana wheat farmers on the ropes
Wyoming preps for less water as drought creeps up Colorado River
Forecasters couldn’t predict how quickly Colorado River reservoirs would dry up this year. Scientists are trying to improve their models.
Eye on outdoor rec
Drought. Haze. Closed rivers. Shorter winters. What is the future for Colorado’s outdoor businesses in this changing climate?
Opinion: The deep roots of outdoor recreation’s diversity gap
‘Purpose and power’: Meet 10 BIPOC adventurers challenging ideals of who belongs in the outdoors
How outdoor business leaders are prioritizing mental health
2020 was a banner year for outdoor recreation. Now Washington managers wonder, will it last? And will it pay?
Aspen Skiing Co. can charge skiers an uphill access fee, Forest Service rules in decision that could have ripple effects
Dispatches from the energy transition
The end of an era: The Martin Drake coal plant in Colorado Springs burns coal no longer
Interior keeps slashing royalty rates for coal companies
Chief adversary
Campbell County officials bemoan lack of state guidance amid fossil fuel decline
The energy market is changing. A new Wyoming agency is trying to find the best way forward.
Nearly half of Colorado’s 52,000 wells produce little or no oil. Who’ll pay to plug them?
Critter ticker
Grizzly bears continue to expand range, including the Bitterroot
Wolves in Idaho, Montana could get federal oversight
'Zoom towns' could mean trouble for big game migrations
Wyoming to debut cutting-edge trout eradication technique in Game Creek
Where does all the bear spray go?
What else we're reading today
Montana tribes banded together during fire season
Burning out: The silent crisis spreading among wildland firefighters
Canadian coal company petitions Montana to weaken water quality standard
Oak Flat, Apache sacred site, given to mining company by Congress
Recommendations target oil, gas leasing across the West
‘We export our kids’—Why this scenic Utah county is quickly growing old
Toxic algal blooms are growing out of control
Why 2021 was so hot in the West
Why do we run away?
Rockies Today is edited by Matthew Frank, fellow in regional journalism at the O’Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West at the University of Montana.
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