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Dumping grounds

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Dumping grounds
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Spotlight on Utah's 'radioactive waste dump'
Utah uranium mill has accepted 700 million pounds of radioactive waste, according to a new report
Story map: The White Mesa Mill story
Report: Uranium mill adjacent to Bears Ears has become a 'radioactive waste dump'
Critics blast Utah mill that accepted 300,000 tons of Tonawanda's radioactive waste
Foot in the door
California town pays up to $10,000 to get homeowners to ‘lease to locals’
Boise City Council greenlights ordinance requiring short-term rental licenses
On being counted
Redistricting: Tribes fight for an equal voice
Making the case on voting rights
Native Americans missed at higher rate in 2020 U.S. census
In hot water
Lake Powell outlook 'substantially worse' than predictions after water level falls below target elevation
Glen Canyon dips into hydropower buffer zone
How a change in Utah water law will help Great Salt Lake
Arizona faces a reckoning over water
Drought amplifies beetle damage to Colorado’s forests
Cloud seeding might not be as promising as drought-troubled states hope
Opinion: A dangerous game of chicken on the Colorado River
U.S. fires four times larger, three times more frequent since 2000
Unnatural barriers: How the rapid rise of fences is harming wildlife
Why do people dislike wind power? What a DOE lab found
How the Earth stores records of the past
What else we're reading today
For decades, dams have kept salmon out of the Spokane River. Now, tribes are studying how to bring the fish back
Missoula grizzly family draws defenders
Utah youth allege state’s promotion of fossil energy is harming them and the planet
How the country’s most prominent conservation agency is failing to tackle climate change
Colorado is about to rapidly expand its transmission network. Should it double as a bike highway system?
Court blocks 193 Wyoming oil and gas leases
The House just passed an act that will make it easier for hunters to find and access public lands
Colorado's Mount Evans may be renamed ‘Mount Blue Sky’
Experts say community empowerment, legislative action are required to counter far-right extremism
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