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Cascading catastrophes

Rockies Today
Cascading catastrophes
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New climate is cooking the West
Fire, floods, dead fish: Climate change fuels extreme weather, with no ‘return to normal’
Numbers explain how and why West bakes, burns and dries out
'A scarcity of resources:' Wildland firefighters struggle to stay ahead of dozens of fires
Monster wildfire tests years of forest management efforts
Wildfires in the U.S., Canada and Siberia are burning at an unusual intensity for mid-July
Heat waves are dangerous. Isolation and inequality make them deadly.
Climate change made B.C., Alberta heat wave 150 times more likely, study concludes
The future of fire in Canada
What's in wildfire smoke? A toxicologist explains the health risks and which masks can help
Wildfire smoke drives people in low-vaccinated areas indoors, raising outbreak fears
Western wildfires are hitting lumber prices
What it feels like to lose your favorite season
We must burn the West to save it
A drought so dire
The Western drought is worse than you think. Here's why
For the 7th straight week, Extreme (D3)/Exceptional (D4) Drought in the West has set a #DroughtMonitor record as huge degradations in the Northwest/N. Rockies continue to outdo improvements in the Southwest.

59.5% of the West is in D3/D4 compared to 56.8% last week

A drought so dire that a Utah town pulled the plug on growth
Three Colorado River Basin reservoirs will be partially drained to keep Lake Powell producing hydropower
Amid a megadrought, federal water shortage limits loom for the Colorado River
Groups spell out 10 ways to build a resilient Colorado River Basin—amid drought and climate change
How water rights work in Colorado—and why severe drought makes them work differently
Great Salt Lake is shrinking fast. Scientists demand action before it becomes a toxic dustbin
Dusty snow is making the Western drought worse
The megadrought is just one factor driving up the price of your bread
Overheated housing market
Moab locals say tourists, newcomers are running them out of their own community
A home for hundreds: The Bridger-Teton National Forest
In Boise’s booming real estate market, homeownership is a dividing line
Vail pays property owners to keep housing for local workers. Could it work in Idaho?
Billings jumps to No. 1 on WSJ/ housing market index
'A perfect storm': Twin Falls housing market is more competitive than ever
The crazy, unprecedented, downright insane housing market
Dispatches from the energy transition
An abandoned coal mine near Aspen has become a mountain biking park for the masses
Wyoming's controversial Rail Tie Wind Project wins county approval
Montana solar project advances
2020 coal production down 21 percent in Wyoming, lowest in U.S. since 1965
A lifeline for a coal plant gives hope to a North Dakota town. Others see it as a boondoggle
New Mexico attorney general accused of violating state ethics laws in negotiating utility merger
A stronger electricity grid is crucial to cutting carbon. Does that make it green?
Are wind turbines a danger to wildlife? Ask the dogs.
Majority of oil, gas and coal workers want climate solutions that create net-zero energy jobs, says poll
A bird’s eye view of coal leases on the eastern slopes of Alberta’s Rockies
Federal watchdog urged to investigate Canada’s ‘longstanding failure’ to stop B.C. Elk Valley coal mine pollution
Thawing permafrost has damaged the Trans-Alaska Pipeline and poses an ongoing threat
Startup claims breakthrough in long-duration batteries
The swarms
In the bull's eye: A human swarm is overwhelming the Yellowstone region
Visitation in Yellowstone National Park breaks June record
No vacancy: Bozeman hotels fully booked as area sees high tourism
Off the grid and overrun
Glacier Park charts second-busiest June on record
Zion National Park sets another visitation record
How crowded are America’s national parks? See for yourself.
Podcast explores creation of U.S. parks with Indigenous voices
Critter ticker
Tiny climate worlds: Animals use microclimates to survive
High temperatures in Bitterroot River, other waterways hurt trout
Wolf reintroduction happened so fast in Montana and Idaho, the states are expanding hunting. Here's what Colorado can learn.
Groups: Idaho wolf law will cause grizzly bear, lynx deaths
First female grizzly bear in Washington captured, collared, released
Grizzlies on treadmills: Research illuminates bear, human run-ins
Ranchers demand more money for grizzly-killed stock, again
Canaries in the copper mine: Upper Clark Fork osprey decline leaves biologists wary
If dams go, then what? Saving salmon, power grid means finding answers now, leaders say
Gunning down a common owl to save an endangered worked. Are we willing to keep doing it?
Yellowstone to Yukon: Can a model for interconnection save the wild?
What else we're reading today
Lost lives, lost culture: The forgotten history of Indigenous boarding schools
Rosebud Sioux tribe welcomes home remains of 9 children who died at Pennsylvania boarding school
Supreme Court ruling fails to protect Indigenous voters
Native activists are using maps to empower Indigenous communities
Indigenous leaders call on Biden to enlarge Bears Ears as 25-foot totem pole travels from Washington state to Washington, D.C.
Biden's BLM pick advances to Senate floor
‘Nature deprived’ Latino kids miss out on wildlife and conservation careers. Upward Bound could change that
Neguse among Democrats uniting around ‘climate corps’ that could employ youth, prevent fires
Opinion: Washington has a big chance to correct a shameful state of affairs for Native Americans
PFAS 'forever chemicals' may seep into Colorado's water from 501 sites, analysis finds
Dog searches Colorado mountains for bees, the canaries in the coal mine for climate change
Attorneys argue suit over permit for a copper mine along a Smith River tributary
Drilling into solitude: Oil and gas project in the Tendoy Mountains plunges forward
Tax-funded forest institute in Oregon misled public, may have broken state law, audit finds
Gianforte withdraws Montana from multi-state climate coalition
Top U.S. scientist on melting glaciers: ‘I’ve gone from being an ecologist to a coroner’
Rockies Today is edited by Matthew Frank, fellow in regional journalism at the O’Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West at the University of Montana.
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