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Boiling points

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Boiling points
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Climate change is cranking up the heat
Salt Lake City saw its hottest July on record—again
Seattle, Portland set heat duration records during hot snap
Searing heat spotlights West's long-term water woes
Officially, heat deaths are not very common in Colorado. The reality is more complicated.
Why nighttime heat matters so much
Three issues to watch as heat strains the grid
Climate disinformation leaves lasting mark as world heats
Endless fire
Wildfires in West explode in size amid hot, windy conditions
The West’s forever fire season
Protecting neighborhoods from future flames
How to rebuild in a time of endless fire
Building a home that resists wildfires doesn't have to be expensive, study finds
Wildfire plumes growing larger in the West, Utah study finds
Wildfire pollution may play a surprising role in the fate of Arctic sea ice
Opinion: Why forest managers need to team up with Indigenous fire practitioners
Enjoy your public lands responsibly
Camping free-for-all? Strategies emerge to manage forest crowds
As roads deteriorate, poop proliferates, Bridger-Teton mulls Curtis Canyon makeover
Rangers crack down on dispersed camping at unofficial sites in Summit County due to crowding, environmental damage
Couches, grills and pallets left on forest land will cost thousands of dollars to clean up, the national park booking app, leaves users feeling lost in the woods
The BLM lets 1.5 million cattle graze on federal land for almost nothing, but the cost to the climate could be high
Forest Service halts new Keystone chairlift after resort mistakenly builds road in protected tundra
On Indigenous resilience
Meet the group that’s been bringing bison back to tribal lands for 30 years
Indigenous survivors: Voices of resilience
Secretary Haaland moves to strike a word offensive to Indigenous people from 600-plus site names
Native people call for action following pope's apology in Canada
What Indigenous leaders think about co-managing Bears Ears with the feds
'Make this place a destination': Blackfeet aim to attract tourists
There are about 120 Native students at the University of Utah. Soon, most of them will be able to attend for free.
At Oak Flat, courts and politicians fail tribes
As waters warm, Alaska experiences salmon booms and busts
Half empty
Colorado River basin farms stunted by megadrought, as more sacrifice lies ahead
Water restrictions close in, sporadically, on the West’s most populous areas
Drought and irrigation demands will drain two Eastern Plains reservoirs, killing fisheries and the local economy
California drought official quits, blasting Newsom for 'gut wrenching' inaction
Notes from the brink
Where will all the wildlife go?
Three grizzlies killed in Flathead, cubs relocated
Grizzly relocations underscore need for greater bear awareness
BLM approves American Prairie Reserve’s bison grazing proposal
Here’s how extreme drought has changed fishing in Utah
Extreme heat a strain for birds already burdened by habitat loss
Opinion: Will salmon finally win this year?
Opinion: Want to fight climate change and drought at the same time? Bring back beavers
Dispatches from the energy transition
How the Senate climate bill will boost clean energy
Citing 100% renewable push, Polis leads Western governors in geothermal energy push
Energy Department selects Idaho for nuclear test reactor
Western Area Power Administration approves connection for wind farm
Judge upholds decision blocking massive solar project in south Butte
Coal yields huge second-quarter profit, but Powder River Basin troubles persist
In a first, researchers connect the dots between EVs, global wildlands, and emissions avoided
What else we're reading today
What is killing the West’s notoriously resilient bristlecone pines?
The Yellowstone flood was a historic disaster. Climate change means it won't be the last.
Microplastics are seemingly everywhere—including Colorado’s snowpack
Hidden Menace: Massive methane leaks speed up climate change
A trip through a sacrifice zone: The Horseshoe Gallup oilfield
Proposed quarry looks to mine fracking sand near Dinosaur
With Colorado set to miss 2024 deadline to reduce ozone pollution, critics call for more urgent action
'No safe level': A lot of Colorado drinking water could contain potentially hazardous levels of 'forever chemicals' under new EPA standard
Montana releases new protocol for calling instream flow rights
Boise’s housing market boomed early in the pandemic. Now it is cooling fast.
Steamboat is asking voters to tax Airbnbs to pay for affordable housing. Will it work?
Salt Lake County’s median home price tops $625,000 even as sales plunge to decade low
Honoring Blackfeet author James Welch: A Q&A with Lois Welch
'This country isn’t made for us, even though it’s built on our land.'
Opinion: Humanity can’t equivocate any longer. This is a climate emergency
Rockies Today is edited by Matthew Frank, associate director of regional journalism at the O’Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West at the University of Montana.
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