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A weekly newsletter exploring the future of journalism worldwide

A weekly newsletter exploring the future of journalism worldwide

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🇺🇦 Journalism in Donbas | Resisting pressure from subscribers

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📍 Which journalists people pay attention to | Covering Long COVID

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🤬 Have news audiences really become more polarised?

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🇺🇦 How people perceived Ukraine's news coverage

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📯 Who reads email news and why

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🌪 How people get climate news

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🙋🏾‍♀️ How young people get their news

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🚨 NEW: Digital News Report 2022 is out!

The number of people who avoid the news is growing The issue. While most people across countries use the news regularly, many others are choosing to limit their exposure to certain types of news. Overall, 38% of the people surveyed say they often or sometimes…


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🤖 AI for local newsrooms | Our next seminar

In this newsletter you'll find a job opening and a link to join our next seminar with an award-winning journalist based in South Africa. You'll also find a new piece on journalism and artificial intelligence, information about our Director of Research vacancy…


Our Digital News Report 2022, out on 15 June

Digital News Report 2022 will be published on 15 June The report. Have news audiences become more polarised over time? Are people avoiding the news on purpose amid the anxieties caused by the pandemic and the war in Ukraine? How do younger audiences get their…


🔮 Two visions of the future of news

📬 Our weekly newsletter: two job openings | long reads on Africa and Russia


🖼 Masterclass in visual journalism | Free speech online

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🇺🇦 A seminar on Ukraine | Learn to cover digital platforms

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✍️ Readings for World Press Freedom Day

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🙋🏾‍♀️ We are hiring! | Join our next seminar on FT Edit

📬 Our weekly newsletter: How to improve your digital safety | Press freedom in Nigeria


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🇮🇹 What we learnt in Perugia

📬 Our weekly newsletter: how to optimise your newsroom for feedback


🔴 NEW REPORT: Trust in news on digital platforms

Our weekly newsletter: pieces on Ukraine, Nepal, Iran and reporting on refugees


🇺🇦 The journalists we lost | Fixers speak out

📬 Our weekly newsletter: A successful news site in Malaysia | Putin's invasion: the view from Taiwan