A weekly newsletter that gives you 6 brief personal recommendations of cool stuff. For a searchable archive of past issues check out For a limited time all new sign-ups will receive a free digital book!

A weekly newsletter that gives you 6 brief personal recommendations of cool stuff. For a searchable archive of past issues check out

For a limited time all new sign-ups will receive a free digital book!

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Nomadico/Secret recipes/How to professionally say

More people are working from home, or working from remote locations, or working while traveling, or traveling while working. We, the Recomendo crew, are launching a new newsletter dedicated to this realm. Nomadico is a weekly, one-pager emailed to you each Th…


Show and Tell Podcast/IT Burnout Index/Budge Bytes

Every week for 6 years we’ve recorded a podcast featuring the cool tools of a remarkable person. Earlier this year we paused the podcast, but we have now relaunched it as a video-cast in the same format. Every Friday I interview a remarkable person and ask th…


Semantle/Better toiletry bag/Iffirmations

There are lots of guessing games inspired by Wordle, but one of the toughest (and most enjoyable) is Semantle. Like Wordle, there’s a new secret word every day. Start by guessing a word, and the game will give you a score between 100 and -100, depending on ho…


NASA sound samples/Productivity visuals/Astonish Yourself

Would you like to hear what lightning on Jupiter sounds like? How about the beeping sound transmitted by Sputnik in 1957, or the first sound recording taken on Mars? Head over to NASA’s ​​Audio and Ringtones page, where you can listen to dozens of recordings.…


Redditle/Video wit/Mvsep

I never had any success searching Reddit directly, so I use Google and append all my queries with is exactly that — only a simpler, more direct way to search Reddit. You can even search within a specific subreddit. This would wor…


Manage attention magnets/Better glue sticks/Parapack

From James Clear’s must-read 3-2-1 Thursday newsletter, this way of seeing with a new filter:Look around your environment.Rather than seeing items as objects, see them as magnets for your attention. Each object gently pulls a certain amount of your attention …


Best digital tools/Anger tip/Repair Wrap

Without wasting a single second of your time, this fast-paced video by Ali Abdaall describes the best productivity apps and tools available today. Here is the highly-evolved tool set that he uses to get a lot of things done very efficiently. Well researched, …


Weird-but-true facts/NoCry Gloves/Time hack

Samples from a monster-length Twitter thread of hard-to-believe facts:“One of the favourite shades of paint used by Pre-Raphaelite painters, Mummy Brown, was made by adding ground up remains of Egyptian mummies.”“Hippos were almost released in Louisiana as a …


Teeny Turner/USPS delivery days/Ebike shopping tips

This little Picquic screwdriver has 7 bits stored in the handle. I use it to fix eyeglasses, open battery cases, and repair other small items around the house. — MF


AC power splitter/Clear brain fog/Baby sleep advice

This short extension cord has an AC plug on one end and four AC receptacles on the other. I like it more than a power strip because you can plug in bulky adapters without obscuring the other receptacles. — MF


Laws of the Internet/Imaginable/Sharkle

The February 20, 2021 issue of Roger’s Bacon newsletter has an entertaining list of laws of the Internet. Many have been around for decades and are as valid as ever. Here are few:Badger’s Law – “any website with the word ‘Truth’ in the URL has none in the pos…


Make better decisions/Gmail label tip/One helpful idea

If you’re facing a tough decision and can’t make up your mind, try some of the 10 pieces of advice from this 2007 New Scientist article. One tip I found especially interesting: “researchers found that sad people took time to consider the various alternatives …


Free digital Recomendo book

We’ve been producing this tiny bit of good cheer weekly for more than five years. Doubling our subscriber base would encourage us to keep it going another five years.


Understanding Physics/Moon Trees/Hacker Laws

Isaac Asimov’s 768-page Understanding Physics clearly explains the principles of motion, sound, heat, light, magnetism, and electricity in a historical context. It gave me a better understanding of physics than four years of mechanical engineering school, and…


Science fiction watchables/Electjet Apollo Ultra/The Mental Health Update

I’ve been watching a lot of new streaming science fiction recently. My favorite shows, ranked in order of my enjoyment. — KKDune (HBO) — Part 1. Perfect in all dimensions. Best world-building since Star Wars.The Expanse (Amazon) — Six seasons of an epic saga,…


Google Maps tip/Cool Tools PDF/Yapp

I use Google Maps (and Apple Maps) a lot when I’m walking around in an unfamiliar place. Instead of holding the phone in one hand and dragging and pinching-to-zoom with the other hand, I learned I can do everything with one hand. I hold the phone in my left h…


ColorKu/Die with Zero/Weird Old Book Finder

ColorKu is a nice looking wooden game board, with holes that hold colored wooden marbles in nine different colors. Game play is just like Sudoku, but this version makes it fun to play with others. It comes with about 100 starting problems, but you can use any…


COVID Home Tests/Running socks/"Sorry for my delay" alternatives

US residents can order 4 free at-home covid tests to be mailed by the US Post Office to their home. One set per household. Order from this US Post Office site, which is well designed and takes 10 seconds. — KK


Cloud Atlas/Resort Fee Checker/Zeebo

Everything you could ever want to know about clouds is available at the International Cloud Atlas hosted by the World Meteorological Organization. You can learn the basics of observing and identifying clouds. See photo descriptions of clouds. Search their ima…


Cat donuts/Luciteria/OneTab

Our cats spend a lot of time nestled in their Love’s Cabin Donut Cushions. We have one for each of them, but they often snuggle together in one. It makes me happy to see them sleeping in them. — MF