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A weekly newsletter that gives you 6 brief personal recommendations of cool stuff. For a searchable archive of past issues check out

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Palette/Ultralight running shoes/Futurepedia

I use Palette to colorize my old black and white photos into fresh color ones. It’s a free webpage that uses AI. I tested it by feeding it black and white versions of color images I had and it is remarkably accurate. And even when it is not 100% precise, it w…


Happiness and Wealth Guide/Best Peppermint Tea

This year on my holiday wishlist are 6 objects to improve my work-life balance, which includes a new machine-washable rug for my home office and desk chair, some tools to alleviate stress and glow-in-the-dark temporary tattoos — just for fun. Check it out her…


Pimple Stars/Bird Sounds/AI Art

I learned from my daughters that decorative pimple patches are popular with teenagers. They are tiny colorful stickers that cover pimples and dry them up. “People just wear them out in public now and it’s fashionable,” one daughter told me, She has a box of s…


Soundprint/Google Lens/

Use the Soundprint app to measure the noise level in public places and share your findings with other people who appreciate quiet environments. A map shows the decibel measurements of coffee shops, clubs, parks, and restaurants around the world. — MF


What’s That Charge/Namelix/Hacker Stations

There was a charge on my credit card that I didn't recall making. The statement said, “EB 801-413-7200.” I looked up the number on a website called What’s That Charge and discovered it was for Eventbrite. Then I remembered that I had bought tickets for a play…

#329・ DVD drive

I get my eyes checked every year, but haven't had my hearing tested since I was in high school. has a free 5-minute hearing test that was designed by audiologists and sound engineers. It's for educational purposes only, but a good place to start n…


Sweet and Juicy/Bourdain's Map/The Mind Thing

I giggled for an hour watching standup comedian Sheng Wang’s Netflix special, Sweet and Juicy. I love his uplifting and positive style, which is rare in comedy. He cracks jokes about enlightenment, except he is serious. And instead of long buildups to punchli…


Lex Fridman Podcast/ faucet fix

I just finished listening to a 5-hour podcast interview by Lex Fridman. Lex is an AI researcher who started interviewing colleagues in his field, and then kept expanding his reach and interests. He now interviews intellectuals and thinkers in many technical f…


Days Since Incident/We Are As Gods/Nostalgia

Days Since Incident is a constantly updated list of earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis, asteroid impacts, volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, etc. According to the site, 235 days have passed since the last 5 kiloton asteroid impact, 2,540 days since the last 100m meg…


Portable Clothesline/Black glues/Salary Transparent Street

I’ve used this Retractable Portable Clothesline in 4 different hotels and I highly recommend it. You never lose the clothespins since they are attached to an elastic cord. Positioning beads on the cord prevents clothing items from sliding along it. There are …


Rock Identifier/Sideways Awards/History of Rock

This stone ID app called Rock Identifier (Google Play, iOS) works fast in scanning and identifying rocks, minerals, and crystals. It's got an extensive database so you can compare your stones to other images, as well as learn its chemical and physical propert…


A Good Movie to Watch/Best Scrounging/Map of upcycle stores

With so many streaming channels out there, it’s hard to keep up with what’s worth watching. A Good Movie to Watch is a freemium service that rates and recommends movies and shows. A premium subscription opens extra features, such as sort-by-rating. — MF


Language, please/Puzzle Masters/Google Docs tricks

Language evolves fast and it's easy to slip up and say the wrong thing. Language, please is an up-to-date resource for writers navigating sensitive subjects like trauma, substance use, race, disabilities, gender, etc. I searched for the word "homeless" and I …


Old face restorer/Laundry Lens/MoveMap

I use this Baseten web page app to restore old family photos. The engine only focuses on faces, making them shaper and skin smoother, but sometimes that is all that is needed. I upload my old photo, restore in 15 seconds and then download. Works pretty well, …


Archive Today/Blackout Poetry Maker/WeCrashed

I have paid subscriptions to the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Medium, and others. Some of the publications let you share individual stories to friends who don’t have subscriptions, but some have strict paywalls. When I want to share a…


Secrets of Happy Families/T-handle plunger/TITAA

I learned some valuable techniques and got a lot of wise guidance for cultivating a happy family from the book The Secrets of Happy Families (2013). Much of it I wished I had known earlier when our family was younger. There’s a bunch of self-improvement advic…


Uber pro tip/Paint With Music/DIY Book Nook Kit

I often fly in and out of LAX. Uber, Lyft and taxi riders are required to walk or take a shuttle to a lot near the airport to hail a ride. It's very crowded in the lot and the last time I was there I had to wait over 30 minutes for a Lyft. But I learned in th…


Decision razors/Free food delivery/New writing advice

This list of rules of thumb will help you make better decisions faster. Here are some examples. — MFWhen faced with two paths, choose the path that puts you in the arena. Once you're in the arena, never take advice from people on the sidelines.When choosing b…


BuySide/The Video Archives Podcast/The Microdose

The best place to research what gear to buy is still the Wirecutter (now owned by The New York Times). I comfortably rely on their recommendations all the time. But The Wall Street Journal wants in on this game so they have a new site called BuySide. Their ge…


The Prompt Book/PlayPhrase/Things you are allowed to do

Everyone will soon have access to an AI image generator, like DALL·E, Midjourney, or Google Imagen. You will tell this tool what to create and it will make an imaginative piece of art, either a painting or a photograph. With a generator you can make art even …