A weekly newsletter that gives you 6 brief personal recommendations of cool stuff. Check out our new book Recomendo: The Expanded Edition @

A weekly newsletter that gives you 6 brief personal recommendations of cool stuff. Check out our new book Recomendo: The Expanded Edition @

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Cloud Atlas/Resort Fee Checker/Zeebo

Everything you could ever want to know about clouds is available at the International Cloud Atlas hosted by the World Meteorological Organization. You can learn the basics of observing and identifying clouds. See photo descriptions of clouds. Search their ima…


Cat donuts/Luciteria/OneTab

Our cats spend a lot of time nestled in their Love’s Cabin Donut Cushions. We have one for each of them, but they often snuggle together in one. It makes me happy to see them sleeping in them. — MF


Humankind/Samplerman/Old Book Illustrations

This is the most important book I have read in a long while. Humankind: A Hopeful History overturns a belief I held most of my life: that society was a thin veneer that kept bad behavior at bay and had to work hard to elevate good behavior. Humankind brings a…


Shape Catcher/Deep hyperlinks/Wandermap

If ever there is a time that you need to identify or find a symbol, shape or character, this Shapecatcher tool will help you do that. Just sketch it into the drawbox using your mouse and click "Recognize" to get a list of possibilities that you can copy and p…


Tree of Life/You Don’t Know Africa/Tip of my Tongue

OneZoom is an interactive tree of life that allows you to zoom in and out and explore the connections between 2.2 million living species. It's a lot to visualize and process, but fun to explore. I felt really small and grateful realizing what a tiny little br…


The Rescue/Knife sharpener/The Wisdom Index

You may remember the story of the Thai boys stranded in a deep cave years ago. There was an international effort to get them out that lasted weeks. But the story of how they actually rescued the kids is so unbelievable, so amazing, so insane, and so crazy tha…

#282・ Pie/Productive meetings

If a website allows Google to crawl its articles, it shouldn’t then hide its articles behind a paywall. The website bypasses paywalls by displaying the Google cache of articles. You can either go to the 12ft site and enter the URL of a paywalled artic…


Typatone/Quiet your mind chatter/Kevin's Golden Oldies

Go to Typatone, tap out a few characters on your keyboard, then click the on-screen button with the musical note. It will play an original piece of music. Each time you click the button, it plays a different style of music. This could be useful for podcasts o…


Claudia's Holiday List/Identify that light in the sky/Double inhaling

Last year, I made a shopping list of everything that made me happy in 2020. This year I have been trying to be less of a consumer, so I only have three things that I would recommend as gifts for the holidays. Each one helps to cultivate purpose and gratitude …


Neeva/Timeline of food/Tile Slim

There are at least 10 alternative search engines to Google, each with a different emphasis, such as better privacy, or non-linear displays, or long-tail results. Recently I’ve been using Neeva as my default search app. (It has a Chrome extension that makes it…


MarineTraffic/Writing advice/Anker Nano II

The MarineTraffic website blows my mind. It’s a live world map that shows thousands of ships around the world — from pleasure crafts and fishing vessels to container ships. Clicking on an icon reveals a photo of the ship and information about it. (Thanks to D…


Perfect power strip/Dune/Set Pose

This power strip from Powlight was just what I needed for my workbench. It has 12 AC outlets with surge protection arranged in two rows and 4 USB charging ports. The cord is 8-feet long. — MF


Text-only weather/Arquitectura Libre/Mixing colors

Get three-day weather forecasts for any city by entering ​​ in your browser’s URL bar (e.g. or The page loads fast because there are no ads or graphics. — MF


Ask a Librarian/List of Useful Websites/Poetry zine

Library of Congress, the largest library in the world offers free research assistance by experts. I finally had an excuse to use their service and was blown away by how helpful they were. I had been reading History of the Conquest of Mexico written in 1890, a…


Marginalia/Master craft teaching/Text decoder

I love the serendipitous search results I get when using Marginalia. It is not equipped to answer questions and suggests that you "instead try to imagine some text that might appear in the website you are looking for, and search for that." SEO-optimized sites…


Lists of lists of lists/Squid Game/99 sober activities

It’s gory, with mindless cartoon violence, but it is also full of surprises, great drama, and the pleasures of the unexpected. My wife and I binged the entire first season in 5 days. It’s that good. I am speaking of the Korean thriller/drama/horror series, Sq…


Silent mouse/The Diamond/A third place

I had a mouse that made a loud noise when I clicked it. It distracted peopled I Zoomed with, so I replaced it with a Logitech M590 Silent Touch Mouse, which hardly makes a sound, yet has the same click feel as a regular mouse. — MF


River Runner/LingYourLanguage/List of spy books

This is so cool. River Runner is a virtual tour of the US that follows watersheds. On the website, pick a place in the contiguous US and then it will carry you along the creeks and rivers that flow from that place until you reach the ocean. You get a photo-re…


Best productivity hacks/Better soldering iron/Copper bookmarks

Dozens of different methods to increase one’s productivity are explained, compared, and ranked on this 16-minute video, The Best Productivity Hacks. The rankings are immaterial, but the brief explanations and evaluations are excellent and helpful. I learned a…


Favorite newsletters/ scratcher

In a recent issue of my newsletter, The Magnet, I listed my 10 favorite newsletters. You can read about them here. — MF