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Text-only weather/Arquitectura Libre/Mixing colors

Get three-day weather forecasts for any city by entering ​​ in your browser’s URL bar (e.g. or The page loads fast because there are no ads or graphics. — MF


Ask a Librarian/List of Useful Websites/Poetry zine

Library of Congress, the largest library in the world offers free research assistance by experts. I finally had an excuse to use their service and was blown away by how helpful they were. I had been reading History of the Conquest of Mexico written in 1890, a…


Marginalia/Master craft teaching/Text decoder

I love the serendipitous search results I get when using Marginalia. It is not equipped to answer questions and suggests that you "instead try to imagine some text that might appear in the website you are looking for, and search for that." SEO-optimized sites…


Lists of lists of lists/Squid Game/99 sober activities

It’s gory, with mindless cartoon violence, but it is also full of surprises, great drama, and the pleasures of the unexpected. My wife and I binged the entire first season in 5 days. It’s that good. I am speaking of the Korean thriller/drama/horror series, Sq…


Silent mouse/The Diamond/A third place

I had a mouse that made a loud noise when I clicked it. It distracted peopled I Zoomed with, so I replaced it with a Logitech M590 Silent Touch Mouse, which hardly makes a sound, yet has the same click feel as a regular mouse. — MF


River Runner/LingYourLanguage/List of spy books

This is so cool. River Runner is a virtual tour of the US that follows watersheds. On the website, pick a place in the contiguous US and then it will carry you along the creeks and rivers that flow from that place until you reach the ocean. You get a photo-re…


Best productivity hacks/Better soldering iron/Copper bookmarks

Dozens of different methods to increase one’s productivity are explained, compared, and ranked on this 16-minute video, The Best Productivity Hacks. The rankings are immaterial, but the brief explanations and evaluations are excellent and helpful. I learned a…


Favorite newsletters/ scratcher

In a recent issue of my newsletter, The Magnet, I listed my 10 favorite newsletters. You can read about them here. — MF


Best video shorts/4 levels of reading/Easy eggs

Short videos are an emerging art form. With the advent of phone cameras and free editing software they are within reach of almost any maker. One of my favorite seats to see the best art video shorts is to go to the Vimeo Staff Picks. They go through an ocean …


Divergent Association Task/Flat plug/YouTube Premium

I've been using this Divergent Association Task to measure my verbal creativity. It takes less than 2 minutes and involves thinking of 10 words that are as different from each other as possible. The test was designed by a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard, and a…


Tangoes/Arduino clone/Uppercase

The simplest toys are the best. Our favorite family social puzzle is a tangram, an old classic from China made of 7 geometric pieces that you arrange to fulfill a required silhouette. With two sets you can race to finish. It is much harder than it looks, yet …


Sleeping in Airports/Grayson’s Art Club/Native Lands

I haven't slept in an airport in years, but I can imagine there will be a time when I have to do it again. Sleeping in Airports offers tips for making a night at the airport (intentional or not) as pleasant as possible. The site even provides a list of the be…


The Metaverse Primer/Terms & Conditions/How to Eat

I’ve been predicting that the next big thing after smart phones are smart glasses at work in a Mirrorworld or a Metaverse. That still has not happened, and it doesn’t seem like it's going to happen in the next few years. But I’m sticking with my prediction th…


Super glue gel/2-way door rule/AllTrails

Super glue is runny, which can cause it to drip when you apply it to a vertical surface or be absorbed when you apply it to a porous surface. Gorilla make Super Glue Gel, which solves both of these problems. I used it to glue together pieces of laser cut plyw…


Tiny purchases/Grief Deck/Retractable electric cords

Ask Metafilter asked its users: "What tiny purchases changed your life drastically?" The dozens of answers provide a wealth of useful tools and gear recommended by users. Example: “A cheap low-feature MP3 player, like they sell for $30 for exercising with. Th…


Histomap/The Sample/Micro-USB rechargeable batteries

For 50 years this chart has been hanging on my wall. The Histomap of History is a 5-foot long diagram that visually displays the relative power of ancient nations over the last 4,000 years in 50-year increments. At one glance, this colorful chart gives you th…


Merlin/The Wire China/Randonautica

I love this fantastic phone app that identifies bird songs. Merlin does a remarkably great job identifying birds from their sounds, even when they are far away, and even when more than one bird is singing. It works all over the world but you need to load in t…


One Time Secret/After Life Experience/The Edge of All We Know

One Time Secret offers an alternative to sharing passwords or credit card numbers via text message with your friends or family. To use it, enter the text you want to into the form and click “Create a secret link.” The site will create a unique link, like this…


Amazon Smile/Stain remover/Moon Lists

It’s super easy to get Amazon to donate money to your favorite non-profit. Go to Amazon Smile ( and designate your choice of charity. From now on as you shop on Amazon, they will automatically donate a small percent of your purchase amount, a…


Flush/Pattern generator/Phantom Kangaroo

When you got to go, you got to go. Flush is a free iPhone app that shows on a map all the nearest public toilets. It is indispensable. — KK