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Wild mushroom hunting/Snacking tip/Noahpinion



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Hunting wild mushrooms
I like to responsibly forage for wild mushrooms. I do that by cautiously collecting only a handful of mushroom varieties that are 1) easy to identify, 2) not easily confused with similar harmful ones, 3) really delicious. If you are able to learn the difference between a head of cabbage and head of lettuce you can learn 10 basic wild mushrooms. A good place to start is this book for mushrooms in North America: Mushrooming without Fear: The Beginner’s Guide to Collecting Safe and Delicious Mushrooms. A second trick is to visit a decent mushroom stall at a farmers’ market and repeatedly buy wild mushrooms to cook. Working with them will give you a good “search image” when you are hunting for them. — KK
When to stop eating a snack
A tip from Reddit: “As soon as you start to go for ‘volume’ of chips in your mouth, instead of taste. Put away the bag.“ This rule applies to nuts, berries, wasabi peas, and any other snack food. — MF
Refreshing newsletter
I subscribe to precious few newsletters. One I look forward to is Noahpinion a daily newsletter by economist Noah Smith. His range is wide, and his viewpoint flexible. His reports are the most consistently surprising periodical I know about right now. There is a free version for now, as well as a paid version for deeper issues. Back issues are well worth reading. — KK
Quickly change sentence case
Change Case is a Chrome extension that enables keyboard shortcuts to convert text to UPPERCASE, lowercase, Sentence case, Title Case, etc. It fulfills a very specific need, but I found I was spending enough time retyping text or using sites like Convert Case, so this a definite time saver. — CD
Imagine your future daily routine
In this Extraordinary Routine interview, Designer/Adventurer Frankie Ratford talks a little bit about how she came to design her life by imagining her future daily routine and realizing that a desk had no part of it. This got me thinking about how I do the same thing subconsciously by daydreaming and how often daydreams I’ve had seem to manifest in to my real life. And since there is power in intention, I think this would be a great practice to adopt. Think of it as a mental Pinterest board and pin up all the qualities you want your future life to have. — CD
Cheap but good robo-vacuum
We had a $900 robot vacuum cleaner, but our elderly cat mistook it for a litterbox and peed on it, rendering it inoperable. After she died, I bought this cheap Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner, and it works as well as the costly one did. It comes with a smartphone app, but I don’t use it. I just push the button and it shoots out of the charging port and starts rolling around sucking up dirt. When the batteries are low it finds its way back to the charger. — MF

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