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Special Mid-week Bunker Edition

We’ve previously run some recommendations that would be useful during “shelter-in-place” mode so we h


March 25 · Issue #193 · View online
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We’ve previously run some recommendations that would be useful during “shelter-in-place” mode so we have collected a few here in this special mid-week Bunker Edition. — Editors

Learning videos for kids
The website “The Kid Should See This” gathers the best short videos that explain how the world works. Subjects include nature, science, technology, art, and politics. So far they have collected many thousands of videos that “are not made for kids, but are perfect for them.” The videos are really great for any life-long learner. In fact, the site might be called “The Adults Should See This.” — KK
Good Google Calendar tricks
I use Google Calendar to schedule everything. Some of the tips in this PC Mag article were unknown to me, but I’m glad I found out about them. Particularly useful: “Find a Time That Works for Everyone,” and “Block Off Appointments.” — MF
Sunday Soother
I love reading The Sunday Soother by Catherine Andrews (now more than ever) — a newsletter about practical spirituality. Each week she shares her thoughts and processes for slowing down and creating more meaning in life, as well as articles, books, beauty products, recipes and more. It’s like getting an intimate letter from a friend. Each email is a tool for self-reflection. She is currently posting daily mindfulness/journaling/meditation resources on Instagram. — CD
Lowest Amazon prices
For stay-at-home shopping that involves Amazon, here’s a great tip. Prices on Amazon oscillate week to week far more than you might think. Paste an Amazon url into to see the chart of an item’s price history. If you are not in a hurry, you can use the chart to set a plausible low target price of your choice and Camel will send you an alert and buy button when (if) it reaches that price. I do this all the time for things I can wait for and have saved a lot of money. — KK
Language learning with Netflix
I study Japanese, so I use this plug-in to watch Terrace House in Japanese. It allows me to read the kanji and kana as they are spoken by the characters and use the control buttons to play sentences over and over again if I’m having trouble understanding what someone is saying. I can also click on a kanji to translate it into English. I can also configure it to pause at the end of every subtitle so I can study them before moving on. This is a language learner’s dream. — MF
Focus music that works
I’ve tried classical music, brown noise and other ambient sounds when I need to focus, but’s focus music works best for me. I can put on a two-hour loop and forget to get up from my desk to stretch. They have different genres of focus music, like atmospheric, chimes & bowls, nightsounds, as well as Relax and Sleep stations that I have yet to explore. As a paying customer ($50/year), I can listen to all their music on both my laptop and phone. You can get try five free sessions if you sign up on their website. — CD
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