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Shots of Awe/Easy blood pressure/Out of Control



April 21 · Issue #144 · View online
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Transcendental video sermons
Jason Silva is a transcendental poet who raps about technology and the spiritual in very intense short videos. He sometimes quotes me so I am biased, but I really dig his rants. Yeah, they are flamboyant, but his preaching hits my mark. Check out his channel Shots of Awe for a quick jolt of the bigger picture. — KK
Easy blood pressure
The last time I visited my dentist, her technician took my blood pressure with a small cuff that fit around my wrist. My results appeared in about a minute on the LCD. Very convenient. As soon as I got home I ordered a similar model on Amazon (Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Blood Monitor) for less than $15 — MF 
Old but still new
Twenty-five years ago I published my first book Out of Control. In celebration of this anniversary, I re-read the whole gigantic thing and picked out 100 passages to tweet, which you can find at #OoC25 (still in process). I have to say, the book is still a great read, and probably more informative today than 25 years ago. I recommend it as an easy entry into robotics, artificial life, cryptocurrency, simulations, evolution theory, and the nature of decentralized systems like the internet. If you like the tweets, you’ll want to read the book. — KK
Free filtered water at hotels
I once walked into a hotel room and saw a large bottle of water on the desk. After I took a swig I noticed the $9 sticker on the bottle. Not wanting to pay the same price again, I started refilling the bottle from the cooler in the fitness center. Now when I travel I bring a bottle with me and head straight for the fitness center. — MF
Instagram advice
Slowly working on this piece of advice: “Unfollow IG models and influencers. Start following artists and designers. Your entire outlook on life will change.” Found this in my weekly Unreadit newsletter: Self Improvement. The curators of Unreadit pull all the best content from related subreddits and send you an email once a week. I’ve spent zero hours rummaging through Reddit in the last month because of this. — CD 
Packable steamer
My Little Steamer ($12) is light and small and will save all of your blouses from looking wrinkled after packing. It takes about two minutes to heat up and start steaming and works really fast at unwrinkling. I love it. — CD 
— Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, Claudia Dawson
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