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Netflix Language Learning/Apology languages/Exploding topics

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February 16 · Issue #187 · View online
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Support our work at Cool Tools Lab by becoming a patron via Patreon.
Recomendo is published by Cool Tools Lab, a small company of three people. We run the Cool Tools website, a podcast, a tool review YouTube channel, and a couple other newsletters, including Gareth’s Tips, Tools, and Shop Tales, What’s in my bag? and Book Freak. We hope you’ll check them out.

Language learning with Netflix
I study Japanese, so I use this plug-in to watch Terrace House in Japanese. It allows me to read the kanji and kana as they are spoken by the characters and use the control buttons to play sentences over and over again if I’m having trouble understanding what someone is saying. I can also click on a kanji to translate it into English. I can also configure it to pause at the end of every subtitle so I can study them before moving on. This is a language learner’s dream. — MF
Find your apology language
I consider myself well-versed in figuring out people’s love languages, but I was surprised to find out that there was such a thing as an apology language. I took this free quiz and discovered that I am most receptive of apologies that “Accept Responsibility” meaning simply saying “I was wrong.” The other types of apology languages are “Genuinely Repent,” “Expressing Regret,” “Make Restitution,” and “Request Forgiveness.” — CD
Trend spotter
A free newsletter I find valuable is Exploding Topics. The weekly emails spotlights about 5 words or phrases that are quickly rising in popularity among web searches and social media mentions. The terms might be a product, a company name, a bit of slang, a Millennial catch phrase. It’s a nice easy way to track what’s rapidly trending. (Explanations of the trends are included in the newsletter but not the website.)  - KK
Shorten your drying time
We have yet to upgrade our old washer and dryer, but my husband upped our laundry game by buying these Wool Dryer Balls ($7, 6pk). They accelerate drying time by absorbing moisture and help prevent static cling. — CD
Our four favorite tools
We have a weekly podcast where we ask remarkable people to rave about four of their favorite tools. We took the best shows and compiled them into a really cool book. Hundreds of unusual and fantastic tools are recommended. Paper copies are still available, but we can now offer a digital version  – especially useful to those outside of the US. It’s a PDF, in full color, with active links for all tools mentioned. And the 300-page book is only $1.99. Download Four Favorite Tools here. — KK
Foam clogs
After reading Barbara Dace’s recommendation for Amoji Foam Clogs ($20) I ordered a pair on Amazon. They are indeed as comfortable as she said, and they are easy to slip on and off. Even without a heel they stay secure on my feet as I walk around the house. They come in a variety of colors. I bought red, the most obnoxious color available. — MF 
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