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Good grilling/Global Forever/20 Essential Truths



August 6 · Issue #55 · View online
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🍔 Good grilling
It’s summer, so we have been barbecuing a couple of times a week. I have the classic Weber charcoal grill. I grill beef and chicken directly over the coals, but I’ve been using these grill mats to cook vegetables and fish. They are so thin that they look like they would incinerate in a second, but they are impervious to high heat. They are easy to clean, too. Nothing sticks to them. — MF
📬 Global Forever stamps
Occasionally I need to mail a letter in an envelope, with you know, paper inside. I hate going to the post office, so I buy Forever stamps online. These US stamps are good for domestic mail forever (no matter how many price increases there are) so I buy a wad of them. Now the US Post Office has released a Global Forever stamp ($1.15) for mailing anywhere in the world. Since they are good forever, I got a bunch of them as well. They are distinctly circular, so they look cool too. — KK
🌞 Inspirational read:
This list of 20 Essential Truths That Women Over 50 Want To Share With Younger Women seem like no-brainers and things I should already be doing daily, but unfortunately for me, I forget. I made a shorter, more personal version of this list for myself and if I’m ever feeling agitated or unbalanced, I read it again to gain perspective and make everything all better. — CD
✈️ Cheap flights
Scott’s Cheap Flights is a free newsletter that finds amazingly inexpensive flights all over the world. The newsletter includes Google Flights and Momondo links, so you can book the flight yourself. The latest newsletter has a roundtrip flight from Los Angeles to Stockholm for $343. — MF
💾 Save any image you want
My two favorite chrome extensions right now are the Image Downloader and Nimbus. Image Downloader helps me download those annoying images that you can click and zoom on but cannot “save as.” And finally, with Nimbus I can screenshot an entire webpage without having to shrink the size or save as a multi-page PDF. I’m sure they have other abilities, but those two make my life much easier. — CD
🙏🏻 Instant bond
I never had much luck using superglue. It really wasn’t instant and it didn’t seem to bond tightly, and I’d get it all over my fingers. The trade secret to using superglue (which all serious model-makers seem to know) is to use an accelerator with it. You spray the glued joint with this catalyst solvent and it cures the glue instantly. Or you can spray one half of the joint with the accelerator and when it touches the other half with the glue it bonds instantly. Yes! I got a small spray bottle of accelerator (the brand doesn’t matter much) but it is so useful I now get the combination of glue+accelerator in larger quantities. — KK
— Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, Claudia Dawson 
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