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Eternal clocks/JustWatch/Read Ruler



November 5 · Issue #68 · View online
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Eternal clocks
It’s that time of year. The strange American habit of switching hours twice a year for Daylight Savings is a real bummer if you have wall clocks. Glancing at a clock, BTW, is a lot more handy than pulling out a phone. The solution to Daylight Savings hassle is to get a “atomic radio” wall clock which uses radio signals from government atomic clocks to keep perfect time and update themselves during seasonal changes. They come in analog or digital varieties. For several decades we’ve used La Crosse analog atomic clocks (about $25) in our kitchen and office for constant precise time and never need to think about them. — KK
Find out where a movie or show is streaming
In the mood for a particular movie or show but don’t know which streaming service it’s playing on? That’s where JustWatch comes in. Just enter a title and this site will list all the services that offer it, along with prices. — MF
Sort by reading time
Read Ruler is a must-have if you use Pocket. It sorts all the articles you saved to read later by how long it takes to read. Most of my saves take 5-minutes, so I try to knock them out during my work day when I need a mental break. — CD
Fall asleep listening to podcasts
I like to listen to podcasts in bed. I also sleep on my side, so earbuds and headphone hurt my ears if I use them. I bought the CozyPhones Sleep Headphones ($18), which is a headband with 1/8" thick cushioned headphones inside. They are comfortable and they roll up for travel. — MF
Easy brainstorming
I needed an easy way to organize categories in a hierarchical order. It would have been painful to use pen and paper, but thankfully Google led me to MindMeister. The free version was all I needed. There’s a lot of free mind-mapping software out there, but they can be clunky, MindMeister is smooth and intuitive. — CD
Google map tips
Here are 12 really great tips for using Google Maps on your phone. How to share your current location, or share your trip progress, remember a parking space, invoking street view, estimate trip duration by departure time, or send a map search from your computer to your phone. I had no idea I had these powers. — KK
— Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, Claudia Dawson
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