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Escape room tips/MagPi/Puddle & Pile

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September 16 · Issue #113 · View online
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Escape room tips
Escape rooms are a blast and are now found in most cities. For maximum fun, a small group of people try to solve a roomful of puzzles in order to escape. Here is a quick solid tutorial on the best tips for successfully solving any escape room. — KK
Free magazine for Raspberry Pi projects
The Raspberry Pi is a $35 Linux computer the size of a credit card. Add a keyboard, mouse, microSD card, and a TV or computer display and you have a perfectly usable computer. You can learn about hundreds, if not thousands, of cool projects you can build with a Pi by downloading free PDF copies of MagPi magazine. — MF
Potty training app for puppies
I was immediately overwhelmed when we brought our new puppy home two weeks ago. Puddle & Pile was a mind saver. I log when my pup eats, drinks, pees and poops and the app will predict when he’ll need to potty next and alert me. The more I log the more it learns about his habits and becomes more accurate. It’s not perfect, but it’s prevented a lot of accidents and I can’t find a better app for the job. Suggestions welcome! — CD 
Cutting stone
I needed to find a cheap and easy way to cut some fossils out of some rocks. Turns out you can buy a cheap $10 diamond cutting blade for a generic $22 electric angle grinder. It eats stone and spits out dust, so wear a mask, but otherwise it works. — KK
Precision shots
This little stainless steel jigger from OXO ($7) is angled and has markings that make it easy to pour a precise amount of liquor or other liquid. The markings go from a quarter ounce up to two ounces.  — MF
Reusable hot and cold gel wrap
I don’t get aches and pains often, but I’m very grateful to have this hot and cold compress on hand for when my muscles are sore ($18/2pk). We used to use clay ice packs but they all cracked open in the microwave and these gel packs are better at holding heat longer. — CD
— Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, Claudia Dawson
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