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July 15 · Issue #104 · View online
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Email finder
I use LinkedIn to get in touch with people for stories and interviews, but I don’t like using the built in messaging service (InMail). I’d rather email the person, but LinkedIn doesn’t provide email addresses (they want you to do everything in the confines of their walled garden). I use a Chrome extension called ContactOut which provides a pop-up with the person’s email address. It hasn’t failed me yet. — MF
Trusty pen
Every now and then I try out a new pen but I keep returning to my trusty Pilot G2 Gel pens. Smooth, fine, dark, cheap to lose, pocketable. YMMV, but they are perfect for me. — KK
Who I am reading
When people ask me who I am paying attention to these days, my surprise answer is: VCs who write. I have little interest in finance, investments, or even in business in general, but today’s VCs have the right combination of idealized high overview and grounded detailed realism. I am following Benedict Evans, Fred Wilson, Brad Feld, Marc Andreessen, Chris Dixon, Paul Graham for the big views. — KK
Cheap but good kitchen knife
This $16 8-inch Winco knife is the first knife I reach for when preparing food. It sharpens well, holds an edge, and is heavy. Read the Amazon reviews to learn how many people swear by this workhorse kitchen tool. — MF
Better than ever hiking app
I’ve had the AllTrails app for 4+ years now, but I’ve been using it more often since I moved from SF to San Jose. I needed to find local hiking routes and I love that I’m able to filter by elevation and distance, and route type (e.g., loop, out & back, point to point). Since it’s been around for a while now, there are a lot of reviews for each hike and that’s really helpful because I like to avoid any trails where I might run into a mountain cat. — CD 
Proofreading hack
Sometimes my eyes deceive me when proofreading. I came across this blog post and now I’ve been double-checking long paragraphs by right clicking on them (using Chrome) and selecting Speech > Start Speaking. If it sounds off, it usually means I dropped a word. — CD 
— Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, Claudia Dawson
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