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Aesthetics Wiki/Hiking snack/Best older iPad



April 18 · Issue #249 · View online

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A wiki of Aesthetics
I’m fascinated by Aesthetics and the people who submerge themselves in these visually-appealing worlds like cottagecore, which is a romanticized interpretation of western agricultural life (Jonna Jinton has mastered this). This Aesthetics Wiki has all the links to everything you would ever need to know about aesthetics, including how to create your own beginning with a wardrobe, or how to go about blending aesthetics to create something new (I’m leaning towards vintage parisian plus surrealism). It is a fantastic rabbit hole. — CD
Hiking snack
My snack of choice while hiking is an RXBar protein bar. Made of egg whites, nuts and fruit and nothing else. They come in lots of yummy varieties but the only one I carry anymore is the chocolate raspberry, which I never tire of.  — KK
Best older iPad
I wanted to give my daughter an iPad, but I doubted she needed the biggest, most powerful model, which costs as much as a MacBook Air. After poking around on Reddit, I found the consensus was to get an 8th generation iPad. Amazon has 128GB models for under $450. It works with the Apple Pencil and supports the smart keyboard, too. It’s all the iPad she needs for drawing and video streaming. — MF
Light-blocking eye mask
This $8 light-blocking eye mask is my go-to relaxation tool for long flights and drives and meditation and afternoon naps. It’s called a “Men’s Travel Comfort Eye Mask” but it’s one size fits all and has adjustable straps. What makes it better than other inexpensive eye masks is the ultra-soft ridge at the bottom of it that prevents any light from leaking in. This mask + noise-cancelling earbuds are the perfect tools for an at-home sensory-deprivation experience. — CD 
Amazing triangle juggler
Seth Godin sent me a link to this YouTube video of juggler Michael Moschen, who bounces balls inside a giant wooden triangular structure. The balls make a pleasant percussive sound, and once Moschen gets going with multiple balls, the performance is spectacular. — MF
Constitutionally entertaining
One text has outsized influence on the US, and indirectly, on the world: The US Constitution. It is a nuanced article that benefits from scrutiny. I greatly enjoyed the Amazon special based on a Broadway show that documents Heidi Schreck’s deep and innovative exploration of this key document. What the Constitution Means to Me is entertaining, funny, sobering, dramatic, educational, clarifying, and enlightening. What more could you ask for from an hour and 44 minutes? — KK

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