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AC power splitter
This short extension cord has an AC plug on one end and four AC receptacles on the other. I like it more than a power strip because you can plug in bulky adapters without obscuring the other receptacles. — MF
Five ways to clear brain fog
This article in Greater Good Magazine tells you five ways to clear brain fog. Three things that can cause brain fog are isolation, stress and uncertainty. For me, walking my dog and using my rowing machine help me to clear out my head, but when that doesn’t work, self-compassion always does. — CD
Best baby sleep advice
Among my circle the most recommended new baby book is The Happiest Baby on the Block which presents the 5-S sleeping framework. It outlines five suggested guidelines for getting infants to sleep well. Our daughter and all her new-parent friends have used these principles successfully. I’ve been very impressed how quickly and well our infant granddaughter sleeps. A lot of this info is online by now, but the book is easy to read and handily organized. — KK
How many people are in space right now?
This website lists the astronauts in space right now, with links to their Wikipedia entries. They’re all in the International Space Station and come from Russia, China, the United States, and the European Union. — MF
Useful Google Map features
Despite the fact that I use Google maps almost everyday for something, I didn’t know about these 5 cool functions built into the system. I wish I had known about how to share locations earlier. The hacks are presented by Steve Dotto on Dottotech channel in this short video. — KK
Psychology of pricing
This breakdown of pricing tactics is useful to check out, even if you are not a marketer. I learned that consumers respond to alliteration in prices, like “two t-shirts for $25” because it just feels right. Which I agree with! Also, be precise with large prices — like in real estate transactions — $362,978 is better than $350,000. Why? We associate precise numbers with small values. If you sign up on Nick Kolenda’s website with your email address, you’ll get access to his other psychology + marketing PDFs, like Choice Psychology, Font Psychology and Color Psychology. — CD

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