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20 useful frameworks/Job advice/Cooking meditation



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20 useful frameworks
Investor Sahil Bloom posted a Twitter thread of frameworks that “provide clarity in complex situations.” Here’s an example: “Crazy Idea Framework — If someone proposes a crazy idea, ask: (1) Are they a domain expert? (2) Do I know them to be reasonable? If yes on both (1) and (2), you should take the idea seriously, as it may be an asymmetric bet on the future.” — MF
Good advice for applying for jobs
I am a big fan of YouTuber Ali Abdaal. In this video about Resumes he condenses a whole book of information presenting the best advice for applying for a job into 30 minutes. It’s the same advice I gave to my kids when they started working. Whether you are looking for a job, or hiring someone, this is worth your time. Forward it to a young person. — KK
Cooking meditation for over-thinkers
I came across this lovely intention for preparing a meal in the The Creative Independent’s interview with Musician Regina Spektor. She shared that she has trouble sitting still and meditating, so this is an active meditation:
You decide something you dedicate the meal to. It can be peace in the world, or someone’s health, or anything that is stirring you at the time. Then as you cook, every little action of the cooking—washing, cutting, mixing—can be imbued with that dedication. You concentrate on that intention from start to finish and keep repeating the thought in your mind as you cook. In the end, every bite is filled with that wish.
Newsletter strike system
I subscribe to over 100 newsletters. With that many, it’s hard to keep track of which ones are worth keeping. Rishikesh Sreehari, who publishes the newsletter 10+1 Things, has a good system: “Every time I receive a newsletter that I don’t like, I add a star against the name of the publication or author in a small note that I maintain in Obsidian. Once there are 5 strikes, I straightaway unsubscribe from the newsletter.” I’m using a Google Spreadsheet to keep track. — MF
Easy ways to send to Kindle
I’ve been sending more and more PDFs to my Oasis Kindle. I used to attach and email the files to my Kindle email address, but I recently discovered there are easier ways! You can download a PC or MAC app called Send to Kindle and then just drag and drop documents into the application. There’s also a Chrome extension and an app for Androids. — CD
Unspillable kid’s cup
Now that I am a grandfather I interact with kid stuff again. There’s a new generation of drinking cups for toddlers way beyond sippy cups. Munchkin cups ($6) use an ingenious weighted straw that deliver liquids to a child in any cup orientation with zero spillage. They are a hi-tech marvel, with 47,000 reviews on Amazon. They really keep liquids tight. — KK

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