Generative Art Drop #9





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Dane Lyons
Dane Lyons
I plan to start creating a series of tutorials on the fundamentals of creating generative art. The focus will likely be on p5.js and fxhash for now.
The first piece will likely cover a function you can use to compute a rarity score for a “feature” in fxhash. Say you want a random number between 1-10 but with different probabilities assigned to each number. Maybe you want the probability of a 1 to be 50% and the probability of a 10 to scale down to 1%.
This is useful because you want to avoid a homogenous distribution of values when creating features. Otherwise, you end up with a bunch of editions in your mint all with a relatively equal rarity. If you make sure your features have an asymmetrical distribution of values, you’ll wind up with a more natural distinction between common, uncommon, and rare pieces.
Please let me know if there are any techniques you’d like to see covered.

Collectors of the 3 most rare editions of Outliers:
  1. Purz (rarity .004)
  2. PlatonFxHash (rarity .009)
  3. Alex Benedith (rarity .009)
Refraction by Jason Patrick
Refraction by Jason Patrick
Refraction by Jason Patrick
Simple starburst lines blended and overlaid onto a series of vertical lines using a striking color palette.
It’s always surprising to me how small design decisions can make or break a piece. The same design would not work with a different palette and a little less care on the shapes, angles, or blending.
Quality generative art does not require complex code…although, pay attention to the subtle curves in the background vertical lines. I don’t mean to suggest coding this piece was a simple task. I’m sure it wasn’t. Everything about it feels thoughtfully constructed. ✊
Twitter: @jasonpatricksc
Collect Refraction for 1.28ꜩ on fxhash
Picasso's Nest by Kashcodes
Picasso's Nest by Kashcodes
Picasso's Nest by Kashcodes
I’m a fan of this style of generative art featuring colored fibers progressively overlaid onto a canvas using a set of rules that slowly reveals a pattern. It’s a style I’d like to explore more in my own work. This particular design does a nice job of constraining curves to a smallish set of possibilities. The result is a design with a fair amount of structure. 🖖
Twitter: @kashcodes_
Collect Picasso’s Nest for 1ꜩ on fxhash
Isofrag generator series II by wblut
Isofrag generator series II by wblut
Isofrag generator series II by wblut
These isometric generators remind me of a dystopian sci-fi game. I believe I’ve seen something like this in an old Final Fantasy. Seeing so many blocks randomly stacked makes you wonder how the thing operates while imagining what it could be possibly used for. Great art exercises your imagination. 💪
Twitter: @wblut
Collect Isofrag generator series II for 8.99ꜩ on fxhash
Thanks for reading! 🖖
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Dane Lyons
Dane Lyons @RasterlyNFT

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