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Generative Art Drop #8

Dane Lyons
Dane Lyons
The source of creativity tends to be a rather controversial topic. Many people believe there are no new ideas in the world. This is often used as justification to lazily steal old ideas to make them your own.
I’m not in that camp.
I believe there is an important distinction between being inspired by an idea, and stealing an idea. Stealing means replicating a previous concept trying to capture value from something already validated. When working from inspiration, you are setting out to build something new while using a collection of ideas as tools.
There is no shame in venturing into the unknown and coming back with something that resembles an existing creation. But there is shame in avoiding the unknown altogether and leeching on the spoils of past explorers.
While I am certainly advocating for people to venture into the unknown, stealing ideas can play a role in that process. If you are new to a style of art or a technical discipline, it can be overwhelming to go on a grand adventure of creation. Investing time honing your skills by replicating things you admire can help build creative confidence. Once you are equipped, go on the adventure. Don’t play it safe.

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Hexagraph by philipbell
Hexagraph by philipbell
Hexagraph by philipbell
So many generative pieces pack every pixel with new bits of information. It can be overwhelming. It’s nice to see a design that make use of negative space, simple geometries, and a pleasing composition. The random hollow cube packed with mini cubes is a nice effect.
Twitter: @philipbell_
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Phantasm Valley by FahmiMursyid
Phantasm Valley by FahmiMursyid
Phantasm Valley by FahmiMursyid
The J.R.R Tolkien quote “Not all those who wander are lost…” in the description of this piece is very fitting. It fits with the creative adventuring theme of this issue. But more importantly, it fits with this design. This design could easily depict the Misty Mountains from Middle-earth. I really like the jagged shapes and textures created here.
Twitter: @FahmiMursyid
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Sequence by Hevey
Sequence by Hevey
Sequence by Hevey
I’ve always liked these stacked designs. Some mints look like a DNA sequence. Other mints look like a stack of CDs. The mints with angled lines are like looking into the window of a custom framing store. Great diversity. Nice colors!
Twitter: @HeveyArt
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Dane Lyons
Dane Lyons @RasterlyNFT

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