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Dane Lyons
Dane Lyons
Today I’m going to look back at a few “historical” fxhash projects minted prior to the last 24 hours. As an NFT community, we really need to figure out how to make digital art age well. If digital art appreciates in value over time like traditional art, the NFT market should be much more sustainable. Here are a few quick ideas:
1) Visibility - Many of the marketplaces focus on sorting art primarily by newest to oldest. It’s great to give new art high visibility. But we also need to find better ways of exploring older art.
2) Lottery - Going too far down the gambling road could be a bad thing. But, what if we had a lottery system to further incentivize collecting? Whenever you buy an NFT from a marketplace, you also receive a lottery ticket for a monthly drawing. To incentivize collecting older art, maybe you earn a number of tickets proportional to the value of the piece multiplied by the age. Collecting a 1ꜩ piece minted within the last month might give you 1 ticket. But collecting a 1ꜩ piece minted 5 months ago, could give you 5 tickets.
3) Airdrops - I’d love to be able to mint a collection that automatically airdrops a portion of the mints to prior collectors based on an algorithm that incentivizes collecting older pieces.
What do you think? Ping me on Twitter @RasterlyNFT if you have ideas for helping NFTs appreciate in value.

Collectors of the 3 most rare editions of Outliers:
  1. Purz (rarity .004)
  2. PlatonFxHash (rarity .009)
  3. Alex Benedith (rarity .009)
Sketching by Yi-Wen LIN
Sketching by Yi-Wen LIN
Sketching by Yi-Wen LIN
I find this design to be so thoughtful. The alignment of the circles and connecting lines doesn’t make it feel random at all. The texture and the light are both on point. This piece is an inspiration.
Twitter: @yiwen_lin
Collect Sketching for 7ꜩ on fxhash
de|growth:generations by mrkswcz
de|growth:generations by mrkswcz
de|growth:generations by mrkswcz
These fuzzy cubes assembled in a random 3D grid are pretty amazing. Texture is such an important part of experiencing the world around me. If I see a wall with a pleasing texture, I have to touch it. I find myself really wanting to touch these structures. Are they hard and abrasive or sponge-like?
Twitter: @jMarkusiewicz
Collect de|growth:generations for 59ꜩ on fxhash
Elisian by Vectris
Elisian by Vectris
Elisian by Vectris
The description of this piece reads “The flowering of electric impulses”. I find that fitting. But it also reminds me a lot of super nova photos with hues shifted away from reds/oranges to other colors in the spectrum. Very nice!
Twitter: @vectris_
Collect Elisian for 3ꜩ on fxhash
City in the Wind by lunarean
City in the Wind by lunarean
City in the Wind by lunarean
I really like how this artist animates the cityscape from the background to the foreground. This adds depth to the piece that you just wouldn’t get in a pure flat representation. Also, great colors and textures.
Twitter: @lunarean
Collect City in the Wind for 63.75ꜩ on fxhash
Thanks for reading! 🖖
You can support these artists by collecting their work or sharing this issue. Stay tuned for tomorrows Generative Art Drop!
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Dane Lyons
Dane Lyons @RasterlyNFT

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