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Generative Art Drop #15

Dane Lyons
Dane Lyons
For this issue, I’m going to share generative art tweets without comment or discussion for your uninterrupted viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

fx T E N D E R
An new Icon of generative art, released just over a week ago: Fragments of a Wave by @iRyanBell

Nestled shards of graphic mineral, woven across a tight ecosystem of variety in scales, palettes, textures, and movement of patterns. This one has our 🫀
14 March, 13:00-13:30 EST, fxhash

Next collection - "Ignorance is Bliss"
128 mints 1.5 $xtz

Why worry about something you can't change?

#generativeart #genartclub #creativecoding #fxhash #generative #nftart #NFTCommunity #nftcollectors #CleanNFT#tezos#tezoscommunity
Shawn KΞmp
A beautiful woodcut of Circle City #65 for @artlinguistics minted on #fxhash. The only pure violet of the series.
After almost a month of hard work my first @fx_hash_ pj almost ready.
Still undecided whether to publish before the end of the #fxhash beta (if i manage to complete it in time) or wait for release.

What do you think is the better choice?
#genart #genartclub #tezos
starting to have interesting outputs, but still pretty messy,one or two more days i think
viadukt wip
#fxhash #creativecoding #genart #CleanNFT
How is your horizon going to look like?

Under development for a while now, but planning to release it by the end of the week on @fx_hash_

Stay tuned 🖤

#CleanNFT #Tez #NFT #genartclub #fxhash #generativeart
Thanks for reading! 🖖
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Dane Lyons
Dane Lyons @RasterlyNFT

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