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Generative Art Drop #13

Dane Lyons
Dane Lyons
I’m planning to test a new format for the newsletter. Instead of purely focusing on curation, I’m going to share a collection of Tweets/conversations about generative art. Some of the conversations will highlight art I find interesting. Other conversations might cover anything related to generative art. (i.e. creation, consumption, collection, investing…)
I hope to make this newsletter much more collaborative. Consider these tweets to be an open invitation for you to learn along with me as I dive into the ever shifting world of NFTs.

I'm rethinking the format of my newsletter a bit. Instead of highlighting 3 generative pieces, I'm thinking about the following format:

1) A generative art tutorial if available (coming soon)
2) A list of interesting generative art tweets
3) Announce latest mints
Here are a few of my thoughts around the new format of the newsletter. Please share ideas if you’d like to see anything I haven’t covered. 🖖
I’m inspired by this design by Cave Hex. It makes me want to explore designing generative scenes through a frame. A stone arch would make a perfect frame.
RGB Elementary Cellular Automaton #911

🧑‍🎨 Generative Art by ciphrd
💰 Sold for 794.99 $XTZ ($2,814.00 USD)
#NFT #Cryptoart #nftcollection #crypto #nfts #web3 #metaverse #ETH #dao #gamefi #blockchain #defi #NFTcommunity
This is from one of the original collections on fxhash. 1,000 pieces were minted and given away. Since then, those pieces have resold for a collective sum of around $500k.
Frank has produced some amazing art already on fxhash. I’m really excited about this collection. I’ll most likely collect a piece or 2 if it is in the 5-10 tez range.
I’m a big fan of some of the generative organic shapes designed by Matt. The tweet has 3 additional designs to check out. 👀
Quentin Hocdé
Atmosphere will be available next Monday - 14/03 on @fx_hash_

It's a 3D interactive piece with a mesmerizing flow animation

#fxhash #generativeart
Check out the tweet to see the animation. It kind of looks like an aquatic plant shifting in the current. This should be a fun release on fxhash. I’ll most likely collect an edition unless pricing is too aggressive.
Amazing texture with the right amount of visual relief at the center and around the edges. Really nice design.
Thanks for reading! 🖖
Hopefully this new format fits better into my daily workflow and I’ll be able to publish more often.
You can support these artists with a simple retweet or comment. Or consider buying their art. 🤩
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Dane Lyons
Dane Lyons @RasterlyNFT

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