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Generative Art Drop #11

Dane Lyons
Dane Lyons
Pricing art can be tricky.
If the price is a bit high, the market will likely avoid your art entirely. You are left with a sinking feeling of spending time and energy on something that is worthless.
If you go too low, you’ll find your editions sell quickly…then get resold at a much higher price. You might feel exploited in this case because you fail to capture fair value for your hard work.
I believe it is healthy to let go of that feeling of exploitation when someone resells you work at a higher rate. Think about the psychology of an investor. If someone collects a piece that you price above the market value, they wont be able to resell for a profit. This means they’ll either have to hold onto the piece or take a loss.
If an investor takes a loss on your art, they will be much more cautious about collecting your future work. But if an investor profits, they’ll be eager to collect whatever you put out next.
Building a network of investors eager to buy your next collection is a great thing. That momentum helps validate the market and bring in new collectors. A bigger network equates to higher prices.
NFTs also have royalties baked in. So even if you make a huge pricing blunder and sell at 1/100th the market rate, you’ll still be able to capture some of the value from secondary sales.
In short, it’s much better to price art too low than too high.

Missing Tiles by Aeon Bloom
Missing Tiles by Aeon Bloom
Missing Tiles by Aeon Bloom
I love the colors, the simple shapes, and the philosophy behind this piece. Sometimes it’s easy to fixate on the things you don’t have. If you take a moment to appreciate the things you do have, the “missing tiles” begin to fade into the background and seem a little less important.
Twitter: @aeonbloom1
Collect Missing Tiles for 1.2ꜩ on fxhash
This is not your retirement plan by clayheaton
This is not your retirement plan by clayheaton
This is not your retirement plan by clayheaton
The title/description of this piece is kind of hilarious. I kind of like the self-deprecating downplay of the piece. But more importantly. I find the grid of curved meshes to be beautiful. Great work!
Twitter: @clayheaton
Collect This is not your retirement plan for 3.95ꜩ on fxhash
Cold Mountain by nudoru
Cold Mountain by nudoru
Cold Mountain by nudoru
I’m not sure what this style reminds me of exactly. Is it Japanese impressionism, a derivative of French illustrations…or something else entirely? I just find Matt’s work to be much more elegant than typical generative pieces. If you were to see an edition of his work in isolation, I highly doubt you’d guess that it’s generative. You don’t see sharp lines, colors or complex geometries. It feels much more classic.
Twitter: @nudoru
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Dane Lyons
Dane Lyons @RasterlyNFT

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