Generative Art Drop #1





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Dane Lyons
Dane Lyons
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Every day(ish) I’ll be sending out an edition highlighting 3+ generative projects. Initially I’ll focus primarily on fxhash collections because I absolutely love what they’re doing with generative tokens. Over time, I expect more marketplaces to support generative tokens and I’ll expand to cover those as well.
Let’s get to it.

WAVELENGTHS by Harry Isaac
WAVELENGTHS by Harry Isaac
WAVELENGTHS by Harry Isaac
These oscillating fabric meshes are beautiful! The noise, curves, colors, and variations are all superb. Viewing the animation can be resource intensive but you can save a variety of high resolution snapshots from a single piece, so the tradeoff is worth it.
Twitter: @isaac_computer
Collect WAVELENGTHS for 10ꜩ on fxhash
CHROMATLAS, Vol. 2 by Aleksandra
CHROMATLAS, Vol. 2 by Aleksandra
CHROMATLAS, Vol. 2 by Aleksandra
Getting a cluster of overlaying circles to look nice visually is not easy. So often, everything just looks like a random jumble of circles. This is a very thoughtful design that has the right balance of monochrome circles inhabiting the foreground with retro map-like elements adding visual interest to the background. I really like this composition.
Twitter: @alexis_o_O
Collect CHROMATLAS, Vol. 2 for 17ꜩ on fxhash
Ellipsoider by pixelfiller
Ellipsoider by pixelfiller
Ellipsoider by pixelfiller
There is so much to like about this collection. I’m a fan of retro colors, the grid of atomic-like elements. And, you can pick up an edition for only 1ꜩ!
Collect Ellipsoider for 1ꜩ on fxhash
Thanks for reading! 🖖
That’s it for the first edition. You can support the Generative Art Newsletter by collecting a Rasterly edition on fxhash.
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Dane Lyons
Dane Lyons @RasterlyNFT

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