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We Stand Here on this Day - Issue #9

September 3 · Issue #9 · View online
The Musings of a Rabbi
This is the last Shabbat before Rosh Hashanah
Another episode of Rabbi Talk is available check it out. This episode focus on The Torah portion Nitzavim
Rabbi Talk: Torah Ntizavim - We Stand Together on this Day ✡️ Episode 4
President Biden
On Thursday President Biden gave his Rosh Hashanah message to American Rabbis you can also watch his remarks below. I had the pleasure of offering a closing blessing for the President and for the rabbis. The president acknowledged my military service in the sweetest way.
My Rosh Hashanah blessings for the rabbis and for the President:
נצבים היינו
We stand here on this day, all of us ready with our hearts open and ready to receive all the blessings of this new year. We started the year 5781 in much the same way we ended 5780 with a lot of uncertainty, but there is hope in our future.
And as we begin to receive the blessings and enter into a new year. May we all experience the joy and renewal of these holiest of days. May we be blessed with a renewed connection to the Divine, new energy towards our health and safety, and a commitment to strengthening our democracy’s voting rights that are a blessing to our nation. May we continue to get into good trouble. And may we continue to focus on justice and equality for all with compassion with those we may disagree
Yevarechecha Adonai, VeYishmerecha.
May God bless you and protect you! May God deal kindly and graciously with you! May God bestow God’s favor upon you and grant you peace!
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Shana Tova
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