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RESET Media Newsletter - 2 August 2022

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RESET Media Newsletter - 4 July 2022

So much is going on that can reshape the world, it's difficult to keep track. Here are some links to articles we've found helpful in giving the big picture. And some that prove we can still all feel hope when we come together.


RESET Media Newsletter - 29 April 2022

Emerging from a sea of suffering, here are a few stories relating to Ukraine from across the web that have inspired us recently.


RESET Media Newsletter - Issue #8

Was the COP26 a success? Well, it will remain to be seen whether countries now actually implement what they've promised. The last-minute shenanigans we report on about the future usage of coal, led by China and India, appear deeply self-serving. Our Leading A…


RESET Media Newsletter - Food and Climate Edition

That's what we don't want the earth to be in 2050! And that's what next week's COP26 meeting will be trying to avoid.If you're not planning to attend the 200 live events in Glasgow, you can keep that WFH vibe going and take part virtually through the COP YouT…


RESET Media Newsletter - Issue #6

Welcome to the RESET fashion edit. This month, we've been looking at the fashion business and its efforts to change for the better.In partnership with UN-backed Conscious Fashion + Lifestyle Network, we've looked at how the industry - one of the most polluti…


RESET Media Newsletter - Issue #5

The last month has been rich in sport, with the Euros, Copa America, Wimbledon and The Olympics. But if you're more interested in global issues like the environment or health, RESET is here to bring you the latest trends and updates.


RESET Media Newsletter - Issue #4

As many people across the world start to be able resume some of their pre-pandemic ways of life, we've looked at areas in which it is important to 'build back better'.


RESET Media Newsletter - Issue #3

The environment and equality are two pretty enormous - and important - topics. We've reported on recent polls that show some positive movement in each area, but with enormous progress still to be made.


RESET Media Newsletter - Issue #2

The eyes of the world have been focused on climate change recently. We looked at why awareness days really matter and drew out a few highlights from Earth Day, which was bigger than ever this year.


RESET Newsletter - Issue #1

It's been a week of ongoing turbulence around the COVID-19 vaccine programme. We look at some different approaches and try to find some silver linings from the pandemic.