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Maarten Prinsen - Issue #9

Living in the Netherlands is great. The weather's okay most of the time, groceries are affordable and

Maarten Prinsen

July 18 · Issue #9 · View online
Do you still get that magical feeling when you think about your childhood toys? Do you listen to 80's music and feel the urge to dance? Do you miss your weekly dose of cartoons on Saturday? If you answered "yes" to all of the above, feel free to subscribe! If not, why don't you subscribe to see what you've been missing!

Living in the Netherlands is great. The weather’s okay most of the time, groceries are affordable and we have one of the world’s most beautiful amusement parks…the Efteling.
I’ll write about that one in another newsletter, this one is about something I wish we had..

San Diego Comic Con. The ultimate convention for collectors such as myself.
Year after year I check out all the greatness of the convention online.
The exclusives, some (Lego) of which will become more expensive than you can ever imag…
This is a painful subject, so I’m not going to talk about it here.
If you do want do know more about all of the cool Lego exclusives that would look great in my collection, you can find them simply by using this thing called Google..
Oops, I googled as well and found this awesome Lego set that recreates Superman’s first appearance.
Going to cry for a few minutes now, brb!
Enough emotional stuff.
Time for something more positive. Well, not for my wallet, but for my collection..
San Diego Comic Con gives toy companies the opportunity to showcase their upcoming toylines and this year…
This year’s toys feel as if my childhood took a DeLorean to the present and knocked on my door.
I’m super-excited to say the least, because of…
Masters of the Universe and Thundercats
As you can see, my future will be filled with delicious action figures, horribly shaped balls (pun intended) and maxed out credit cards.
Nevertheless, San Diego Comic Con is on my bucket list and one day I will go there… I promise!
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