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Maarten Prinsen - Issue #5

Some people like to bathe in peanutbutter, some like to dress up as animals and some like to eat yell

Maarten Prinsen

June 20 · Issue #5 · View online
Do you still get that magical feeling when you think about your childhood toys? Do you listen to 80's music and feel the urge to dance? Do you miss your weekly dose of cartoons on Saturday? If you answered "yes" to all of the above, feel free to subscribe! If not, why don't you subscribe to see what you've been missing!

Some people like to bathe in peanutbutter, some like to dress up as animals and some like to eat yellow crayons.
We all have our guilty little pleasures and as long as no one gets hurt it’s okay with me.
Today I’d like to tell you about my personal guilty pleasure:
Because of the fact that I sing like a cat trapped inside a chainsaw, I have to resort to the next best thing…
I usually stand in front of our bathroom mirror and use a deodorant bottle due to not owning a microphone..
You probably wonder what this post has to do with the 80’s?
Well, ehm..let me see, EVERYTHING!!
It just so happens to be that there are tons of 80’s songs that are perfect for today’s young men and women to lip-sync.
Today I’ll give you five songs so you can practice a little yourself. You know you want it..

Words, by F.R. David
In the 80’s there were a lot of male artists that sang higher than their female counterparts.

And why not?
After all, emancipation works both ways.
F.R. David had a huge hit when “Words” was released. Although the song is completely electronic, in the video he’s ‘playing’ a guitar. Combined with a Michael Jackson style jacket, a badass hairdo and your creepy uncle’s sunglasses, he’s one cool mofo!
The song is a neverending fountain of joy to my ears and I urge you to listen to it right now!
F.R. David - Words
Rhythm of the Night, by DeBarge
Does any of you know DeBarge?
I know I do!
They were a light-version of the Jackson 5 and cooler than a polar bear eating Ben & Jerry’s. Motown made sure the whole world could enjoy their divine sound.
In 1985 they released the feelgood song “Rhythm of the Night”, which is a great party-starter and even better to lip-sync while dancing your ass off!
DeBarge - Rhythm of the Night
Forever Young, by Alphaville
What do you get when you give three German musicians a synthesizer?
That’s right, Alphaville!
Alphaville had a few hits, due to their awesome lyrics.
I mean, does it get any better than “It’s so hard to get old without a cause, I don’t want to perish like a fading horse..”?
No, it doesn’t. Period. End of story. Now move along and play this song.
Don’t forget to use cool semi-emotional hand gestures while lip-synching!
Alphaville - Forever Young
Take On Me, by A-ha
Does this song even need an introduction?
Again, the answer is ‘NO!’ my friends.
But for anyone that’s lived in a cave for the last few decades:
A-ha’s “Take on Me” became a worldwide hit and even the unofficial national anthem of the U.S.
Not bad for a bunch of guys from Norway, right?
A-ha - Take on Me
Girl I'm Gonna Miss You, by Milli Vanilli
Thanks to a shrewd manager, pretty boys Rob Pilatus and Fab Morvan built a career by pretending to be singers.
Just like I do, except for the fact that I’m not famous (yet).
This song is the ultimate challenge.
Lip-synching a song that was lip-synched to begin with.
Now that’s next level $#%!
Milli Vanilli - Girl I'm Gonna Miss You
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