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Maarten Prinsen - Issue #12

Some places felt more enchanting back in the day than they do now. It always was like we were going

Maarten Prinsen

August 8 · Issue #12 · View online
Do you still get that magical feeling when you think about your childhood toys? Do you listen to 80's music and feel the urge to dance? Do you miss your weekly dose of cartoons on Saturday? If you answered "yes" to all of the above, feel free to subscribe! If not, why don't you subscribe to see what you've been missing!

Some places felt more enchanting back in the day than they do now.
It always was like we were going to Disneyland when we went to our local McDonald’s restaurant with the cool Playland inside.
Ronald McDonald and his friends felt like family to me and they still do…

Happy Meal
There was nothing more exciting than seeing the latest McDonald’s Happy Meal commercial on tv for the first time.
What toys were the good people over at the Golden Arches bestow upon us?
A movie tie-in? Hotwheels? McDonaldland figures?
It didn’t matter, because I NEEDED those toys like I need my Nutella.
That’s a different story though. A tasty story as well, but still. Different.
For weeks on end, I’d beg/bug my parents to take me to my hamburger heaven. The collection had to be complete!
I lied
I’m sorry, but you might have guessed it already: I lied!
It DID matter which toys were in the Happy Meals!
I always hoped for McDonaldland ones, because the characters were just so cool.
The Hamburglar has always been my favorite. Probably because of the fact that my first toy ever was him driving a wind-up car.
What I wouldn’t do to get the entire McDonaldland crew back…
Grimace, Birdie, Mayor McCheese (I’d vote for him 24/7) and of course Officer Big Mac and all the other friendly inhabitants of that far away land.
I’m really happy that McDonald’s let my favorite burglar make his comeback though.
Those new commercials transported me back to my childhood in seconds!
I hope all of the gang will reappear in the future, but I’m afraid they won’t.
Thank goodness I still have all my toys from back in the day, so they’re never too far away!
PS. No hamburgers were harmed during the creation of this newsletter…
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