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Your Profile Picture is Now Created by AI



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Pieter's Post
Pieter's Post
Hello… and welcome back to Pieter’s Post!

What I've found
AI creates your profile picture
I’ve talked about DALL-E before, the AI that can generate all kinds of images based on a text input you give. Over the last month development has gone fast, it became possbile to train the AI on a person and insert that person in the generated art.
Doing this yourself is tricky, but now there are websites which make it easy. Profile Picture AI and Avatar AI went viral by making the AI avatar generation accesible to anyone. You just upload 15 pictures of yourself, pay a fee for training, and it trains an AI model to generate 100 avatars in different styles.
Thousands of peeple used the service, they’ve created more than $50k of revenue and all kinds of people are using profile pictures generated by AI now.
I’m curious how many people will use this for LinkedIn, Tinder and Instagram. Catfishing is taken to the next level?
In this Twitter thread you can see how the project went from an idea to a viral hit:
✨ You can now create your own AI avatars like these with my new AI mini project:


📸 Upload some photos of yourself
🧠 Train a model on it and then
🖨 Generate 30 AI avatars of your own face in different styles

Still very very basic MVP but it works! https://t.co/fwrteJ7dh4 https://t.co/Q5BpBg8y9J
Here are some of my AI avatars. Feel free to send me the results you got!
AI Generated Avatar
AI Generated Avatar
AI Generated Avatar
AI Generated Avatar
🌎 Not Enough? Continue reading… Visit my: Blog, Twitter or see what I’m doing on WIP.
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Pieter's Post
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