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🍌 What if a giant banana was circling the earth?

Pieter's Post
Pieter's Post
Buy or Rent a House? - Pieter Boerboom
What I’m reading
Was lead in gasoline the reason for a sharp increase in crime in the 80s? Lead is highly toxic and damages your brain, mainly the part responsible for executive functioning. Was everyone low-key suffering from lead poisoning from exhaust gasses in the 80s? I’m curious what the current “lead scandal” of our time is. Any ideas?
What Explains the Rise of Automated Market Makers I don’t expect you to read this if you don’t care about financial markets or crypto haha. But I’m fascinated by the fact that a smart contract of 300 lines can solve a complicated problem such as market making between different cryptocurrency pairs. I love articles like these because they go deep but still keep it understandable for an average Joe. Decentralized Finance is only a couple of years old and I’m super curious what’s next.
You don’t understand Bitcoin because you think money is real I’m surprised by the number of people who still think that our money is backed by something like gold (not true since 1971). Or that a bank has all the money of its clients sitting in an account. If everyone would get all their money from the bank tomorrow they would all collapse. Bitcoin is pretty crazy… but so is the money we use now. Money printer go brrrr.
Sort by controversial a short fictional story illustrating statements that create controversy
Young Goldman Sachs bankers ask for 80-hour week cap an N=13 (lol) internal survey of Goldman Sachs first-year associates leaked. Saying that work conditions are not great is an understatement. Some gems: “How many hours have you worked this week? : 105 hours”, “How satisfied are you with your work-life balance? : 2.0”, “The sleep deprivation, the treatment by senior bankers, the mental and physical stress… I’ve been through foster care and this is arguably worse”.
What I Found
What if a giant banana was circling the earth? Finally, someone simulated this.
Sorry about computers Computers do stupid shit all the time. I’m glad someone took the time to highlight all the ways they fail us.
Red Bull Extreme Sport - Ski + Parachute I got desensitized to all the Red Bull Extreme Sports videos which were all the rage in 10s. Even a dude doing a sketchy base jump from some building gets old after the 34th time. This one however gets my heart racing.
Best of Twitter
Facebooks office looks like an AI generated dystopian nightmare
Facebooks office looks like an AI generated dystopian nightmare
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