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Pieter's Post
Pieter's Post
Since I’ve basically unfollowed everyone I don’t see so much random internet links anymore. This means I have less stuff to post for the newsletter. But I kind of like it because it allows me to focus more on things I create myself such as the blog. Let’s see where it goes…

The "Insider" Tech Secrets of Eurovision Songfestival - Pieter Boerboom
The Great Online Game Longread about how the internet went from a place of fun to a status and money game everybody is participating in.
How Normal am I Highly recommended to do this. It show’s with real examples how AI and facial recognition is being used by companies. Everyone should do this to understand the impact facial recognition and prediction algorithms will have on us.
Davina Michelle - ‘The Power of Water’  - Okay this is really the last thing I’m going to post about the Eurovision song festival. But I just love this song and the show around it.
Brandolini’s Law: The amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude larger than to produce it
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Pieter's Post
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